Last update : 19th March 18:30 GMT +8 (HK/SG time)

Dear Pundians,

You’ve suggested, and we listened. The swap mechanism we’ve proposed on 12th March was a safer way to swap as it prevents accidental sending of PXS tokens from exchange. During our public token sale, about 5% of funds were accidentally sent from the exchanges. This has caused major pains on our side and the participants.

However, this swap mechanism has also caused major disagreement as it has been flagged as a cumbersome way to swap by many. To ease anxiety of executing swap process, we came up with a more straightforward mechanism which is to send the PXS tokens into an ERC-20 address and we will send you the-new-PXS tokens into the senders’ address via our smart contract.

The steps are:

  1. Send your PXS tokens to the address which will can be retrieved on
  2. Get the-new-PXS in 24 hours (if sent before 31st March).

From the start day of the swap till 31st March 2018, you will get the-new-PXS tokens in 24 hours, and in April you will get it in 72 hours. If you send it from May to September 2018 you will receive it in two weeks.

Ratio: 1: 1000
Time: 16:00 GMT+8 on 20th March 2018 (Singapore/Hong Kong Time)
Address to send PXS to: To be available on March 20th.
Deadline: 23:59 GMT+8 on 20th September 2018 (Singapore/Hong Kong Time)

Since this requires you to send the PXS tokens back for swap, make sure to prepare a small amount of ETH for the gas.


  1. Do not send your PXS tokens from exchanges. If you do, your funds will be lost forever. We cannot provide support for tokens sent from exchanges, or sent incorrectly, or to addresses from which you do not have control of the private key. Send your PXS tokens from the ERC-20 wallet which you own a private key, eg: Trezor, Ledger Nano, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask and ImToken.
  2. Please control over the private key of your sending address. It will be the same address that you will receive the-new-PXS tokens.
  3. Do not send your PXS tokens from multi-signature (multi-sig) addresses /wallets. If you do, you won’t receive the-new-PXS tokens.

Allow us to have few more days to prepare this improved swap mechanism. We truly hope this plan can smoothen the overall swap process and all the PXS token holders can participate this swap with ease.

Token unlock

During the swap period, both PXS and the-new-PXS token holders will have unlock. After 23:59 GMT+8 on 20th September 2018, only the-new-PXS token holders will continue receiving the unlock automatically till further notice.


We will not be listing PXS on any new exchanges, and existing exchanges will also gradually phase out PXS trading. The-new-PXS tokens will start listing this month.

Coinnest will help its users to perform PXS token swap on March 20. The swap will be done through an automatic process. You can read the detail below.

PXS de-listing update:

Per our request, Bibox has suspended PXS/BTC,PXS/ETH trading pair at 15:00 GMT+8 (Singapore / Hong Kong time) on March 15.

To support PXS token swap, Coinnest will suspend deposit at 11:00 pm GMT+9 (Korea time) on March 19. Trading and withdraw will be suspended at 10:00 am GMT+9 (Korea time) on March 20.

IDEX will suspend deposit and trading at 00:00 am GMT+8 (Singapore / Hong Kong time) on March 20.

New PXS trading update:

Coinnest will open new PXS tokens deposit at 7:00 pm GMT+9 (Korea time) on March 20. Trade and withdraw will start at 9:00 pm GMT+9 (Korea time) on March 20.

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