The wait is over, the Pundi X POS device is now open for individual order for 31 countries.

Pundi X POS is the world’s first and smallest blockchain-based point-of-sales terminal. It is designed to sit conveniently on a physical retail counter in order to enable the mainstream consumers to easily conduct cryptocurrency transactions. These POS devices can also help the retail store owners to convert crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto for transactions.

What is Pundi X POS device?

Pundi X POS serves as the bridge that connects the real world and the crypto world. The retailers and consumers can choose to use BTC, ETH, XEM, XLM, QTUM, PXS and other cryptocurrency to conduct the transaction together with fiat money (Dollars, Rupiah, Baht etc), bank card, mobile wallet or Pundi X PASS subject to local regulations in each market.

This multi-function device is connected directly to the blockchain so that each transaction is recorded. It also supports the delivery of financial services to the large numbers of ‘unbanked‘ citizens living across South East Asia.

Who can order?

The order for pilot deployment is now open for these countries.

Batch 1: Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Malta, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria.

Batch 2: Rest of Asia Pacific. May.

Batch 3: Rest of the World. June.

How to order?

One email address /one ETH sending address allows an order of ONE Pundi X POS device only. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER YOUR ETH SENDING ADDRESS FROM AN EXCHANGE.

30 units are available for order each day at 16:00 GMT+8 (SG/HK time). Once the daily quota runs out, the ordering button will be closed and open again next day. Please come back to register again if you see the ordering button is not available on

Official order page:

Also for those who contribute 30 ETH or more, you are able to get a free Pundi X POS device by registering yourself via VIP button. We will verify your qualification there. Make sure you fill in your original contributing ETH address in the VIP order registration form to complete the process.

Users will also receive 10 XPASS cards. More XPASS cards will be sold separately. Buyers will be responsible for courier and custom charges. XPOS will be shipped from our warehouse in Shenzhen, China.

Once you successfully register the order, we will give you instruction of completing the payment process. The device will be shipped to you in Q2 2018.

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