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Dear Pundians,

This week has seen us reach an important milestone in the journey of Pundi X less than three months after we completed our public token sale on January 21.

As I write, Pundi X’s valuation by market capitalization has reached $200 million (USD), putting our token- NPXS inside the world’s top 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.

It’s good to see a rise in value but our core focus will remain on delivering real products to real businesses. I hope this is a motto we all believe in.

We are finding that the big idea behind our blockchain-based point of sale solution with XPOS devices and XPASS cards — to bring cryptocurrencies to real stores and the 99 per cent of consumers yet to adopt them — is being well received by a big market in global retail.

We have announced plans to ship 25,000 of these devices globally. To add to this, we have been holding very fruitful and yet-to-be-announced discussions with new partners, exchanges and regulators as we expand the company’s global presence to include offices and employees in south-east and East Asia, Latin America and Europe.

That is why we unveiled a vote of confidence in our project on April 16 by announcing a 2,000 Ethereum-equivalent buy-back of NPXS tokens.

We see a significant opportunity to use our new Partnership Reserve Fund to expand the reach of Pundi X by placing our hardware in shop fronts faster, to add to the company’s already-considerable expertise and to deepen our relationships with merchants with incentive programs.

Stay tuned to see our exciting development.

Zac Cheah
CEO and co-founder
Pundi X

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