Pundi X has signed a MOU with Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), the world’s first celebrity cryptocurrency exchange, to customize a special version of a blockchain-based point-of-sale terminal. The collaboration aims to bring its celebrity tokens to the physical retail stores.

Owen and Pundi X
Former UK football star Michael Owen has joined GCOX as celebrity, private investor and member of its board of advisers, showing off the prototype of GCOX XPOS device.

GCOX will allow celebrities to launch their own cryptocurrencies using their Global Crypto Offering Exchange. GCOX is built on the Acclaim blockchain and has a native on-chain decentralized. It aims to help celebrities tokenize their popularity by creating, listing, and trading their own celebrity tokens on a global platform. Its social media platforms, namely Celeb-Listing, Celeb-Connect, Celebreneur and Celeb-Charity aim to create closer engagement between the celebrities and their fans. GCOX just announced to create UAE’s first fully-licensed token exchange in Dubai.


Pundi X will integrate Acclaim blockchain via XPlugins, the Pundi X Platform API that allows blockchain developers to connect to digital wallets and create smart contract requests. Among all proceeds, such as gas, being used in GCOX XPOS transactions, 10% of the usage will be NPXS.

‘The rate of cryptocurrency adoption grow exponentially among the millennials in recent years. The celebrity tokens will definitely gain popularity and high interest,” says Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-founder of Pundi X. “Take myself for example, I’m a football fan and would love to acquire OWN token when it is available. With Pundi X POS, it will make GCOX tokens much easier for people to transact and widen their adoption.”