Consumers in retail stores around-the-world will be able to make purchases in WAN on the Pundi X POS, after details of a new partnership were announced.

Wanchain (currency: WAN) is the developer of a new solution to allow digital assets to flow between previously separate blockchains.

wan pundix
Pundi X President and co-founder Constantin Papadimitriou (left) and Jack Lu, Wanchain founder, revealed WAN’s listing on the XPOS in Jakarta.

The WAN token will now join 10 other selected tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEM, Qtum, and Stellar, on the latest model of the Pundi X POS. Pundi X’s blockchain-based point of sale (“POS”) device enabling consumers and retailers to perform transactions in cryptocurrencies is currently in pilot testing before its deployment to global retail and four international markets.

Wanchain is a blockchain ecosystem that enables the exchange of digital assets between blockchains with privacy protection and cross-chain smart contracts. The Wanchain infrastructure simplifies the creation of distributed financial applications for individuals and organizations to access financial services such as loans, asset exchange, multi-asset ICOs, and other asset management capabilities.

The collaboration was announced at an event in Jakarta on July 5, featuring Pundi X co-founder and President Constantin Papadimitriou and Wanchain co-founder Jack Lu.

Constantin said: “Wanchain’s ability to bridge gaps between blockchains will be a major step forward for the greater use of digital assets. Its architecture also boasts impressive privacy protocols and widespread future potential application.

“We are very pleased to extend transactions in WAN on the XPOS to our customers because it promises to be a long-term and indispensable feature of the blockchain ecosystem”.

Wan Pundi X_2
Indonesia Country Manager, Lovely Halim (centre) demonstrated a Pundi XPOS loaded with WAN to the crowd at a Wanchain event in Jakarta.

The founder and CEO of Wanchain, Jack Lu, said: “We are today bringing together two leading blockchain projects with the shared broader aim of promoting the adoption of digital assets and currencies by making them more useable.

“Pundi X’s mission to bring digital assets to the majority of consumers and enabling them for use in stores will be an essential part of the process of making them more fluid and fungible. Today’s listing on the XPOS will also add new utility to WAN for its holders”.

The Pundi and Wanchain partnership follows talks this May in New York during Consensus 2018.

After pilot testing concludes, the XPOS will be delivered to customers in four launch markets: Korea, Japan, Switzerland and Singapore.