Update: September 15, 2018

We’ve received many inquiries about acquiring the Pundi X POS device and XPASS cards. At Pundi X, being open and transparent is our motto. We’ve decided to publicize the pricing schemes of our XPOS and XPASS cards so that you can have a clear idea of the ordering costs.

The first batch of XPOS devices

The first batch of 5,000 XPOS will be dispatched to three groups in July 2018 as follows:

  • Pre-public token sale participants who purchased > 30 ETH are entitled to a free XPOS with registration.
  • Government agencies, businesses and partner blockchain companies

A second batch of XPOS in August (in the thousands of units) will also fulfill the demand of these three groups above. The XPOS devices will be available for purchase via the Pundi X website for retail buyers.

Note: *Retail buyers who have made bookings via the Pundi X website are not allowed to increase the size of their original XPOS device order. They will receive emails to fill in their shipping addresses. If the buyers wish to increase the order, they will have to make bookings again on Pundi X’s official website (https://www.pundix.com) when new batches of sales open.

XPOS Pricing

The price of XPOS will vary based on the quantity ordered. For purchasing 1–100 units, it costs USD 300 per unit. The more units you purchased, the greater the discount applied. For bulk purchases, please click here to contact our business development team.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 5.16.06 PM

Note: The above price is in US dollars. Buyers will be required to pay in the NPXS token equivalent in US dollars based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. Sales on the Pundi X website are opened periodically and usually close within an hour (or minutes) due to demand. We hope to achieve sufficient supply scale by Q4 to allow buyers to acquire as many units of the device as needed.

XPASS card pricing

XPASS cards can be purchased via the Pundi X website, partner merchants or members of the Pundi X business development team.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 5.16.58 PM


Note: the sales of XPASS card normally open alongside with the XPOS sales as the they are usually shipped together with the XPOS device.

Delivery Terms & Conditions for the XPOS and XPASS cards:

  • The price does not include shipping (a table of shipping costs will be provided).
  • The price does not include duty clearance (this will include duty for a replacement, if needed). Duty will be cleared and paid at cost by the buyer. If duty is not paid by the buyer and items are shipped back to their point of origin, the buyer will have to bear the cost of re-shipping.
  • Local support is not included. Instructions and a tutorial will be provided online.
  • One (1) roll of paper is provided per device, additional paper will be provided by the buyer.
  • A SIM card, if required for the XPOS, is provided by the buyer.
  • The quoted price for XPASS cards does not include any co-branded printing.
  • Loss insurance is not included and should be covered by buyers.
  • Each XPOS device includes 10 XPASS cards.
  • The warranty’s duration is 1 year. A 1-to-1 replacement is provided for a maximum of two replacements, with buyers to provide the cost of return shipping the original device, and the re-shipping of the new device.
  • The purchase price is to be paid in a USD-equivalent of NPXS or NPXSXEM.

Enquiries & Support

Telegram: https://t.me/pundixpos
Email: here

Note: for early batch owners, please bear with us as we setup a faster response system, we appreciate the patience given. E-mail support takes up to seven working days; Telegram support takes up to 24 hours.

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