The world has watched in horror at the humanitarian disaster in Lombok — not just the immediate impact of the earthquake last month but also the slowly unfolding consequences of the displacement of thousands of lives and people.

At Pundi X we mourn the more than 250 immediate victims of this disaster but less than a month later we continue to fear for the many hundreds of after shocks and the more than 350,000 displaced persons and the shelter so many lack, as well as necessities such as running water.

Indonesia is deeply embedded in the Pundi X story. It’s where our company was founded. But regardless of one’s nationality this is a disaster of a scale that demands a humanitarian response.

So we’re partnering with Kopernik, founded by Toshi and Ewa who had previously worked for United Nations and the World Bank over a decade. This is the Indonesian non-profit that provides help to people in need and in disasters everywhere, to make it easier for NPXS holders to donate to this disaster.

Kopernik has already raised $26,491 in relief efforts, money being used to buy basic shelter for homeless families and secure basic necessities for the displaced. However, there are still remaining $15,000+ to be raised. We want to speed up the progress by asking help from the crypto community members.

project costs
Project cost of Kopernik Lombok Emergency Response

Now donations can be made in NPXS, ETH, BCH and BTC.

Pundi X is proud to announce to partner with such a worthy Indonesian NGO and for such a worthy cause.

Contributors can send fund in NPXS, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum via the Kopernik website from today following a partnership with Pundi X to enable crypto donations in four cryptocurrencies, Pundi X (NPXS), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Donating is easy. Just send the crypto you want to donate to the address on the page of Kopernik Lombok Emergency Response.

We will be conducting a buyback based on the final amount of NPXS tokens raised in this project and take these NPXS tokens out from our circulating supply.