Last night the person or persons behind the Coinrail heist in June, offloaded 2 billion NPXS tokens in less than three hours at EtherDelta on Wednesday night.

(Again, it bears repeating, Pundi X was NOT, nor has it ever been hacked, but its tokens were among those unauthorized transactions from a Korea-based exchange three months ago.)

Despite our immediately taking steps to de-list NPXS from all decentralized exchanges since June, in an attempt to frustrate any attempt by the Coinrail hacker to offload ill-gotten takings on an exchange where withdrawals could be frozen, last night’s events have occurred in spite of this.

We’ve contacted ForkDelta three months ago about de-listing NPXS from its main site. But last night we were told it could not be removed from EtherDelta, where the recent sale occurred. We understood and respected the technical challenges they have to halt the transactions.

On the other hand, we also asked relevant exchanges to help monitor and investigate the Ethereum (ETH) that the hacker converted into from selling NPXS tokens and blacklist this wallet holder.

After this event, we will examine whether it is appropriate to begin re-listing NPXS on decentralized exchanges, such as IDEX and Bancor. However, we don’t have a timeline yet as we do require full support from the decentralized exchanges to protect the interest of all the token holders.

We will keep you posted.