The newest edition of the Pundi XPASS has been used by hundreds of representatives from the Korean arms of the world’s largest companies at a forum on the future of blockchain in Seoul, one of the world’s crypto capitals. Thousands of them were also used at one of the world’s biggest music festivals ULTRA Taiwan.

The cards were successfully trialed among global business leaders.

The Pundi XPASS card is the contactless smart card that allows users to store and spend multiple cryptocurrencies.

Utilizing the NFC communication protocol and the COS operating system, the XPASS card is now upgraded to a CPU smart card that uses multiple and dynamic keys to implement a cryptographic algorithm.

More than 300 of Pundi X’s especially produced XPASS cards, were distributed to the attendees of the AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce Korea) conference on the business use of crypto on September 6.

The cards distributed in the AMCHAM event were preload 1BNB and 2,000 NPXS for the participants to conduct payment with cryptos using XPOS device.

The new XPASS cards were debut at the conference.

Members of the AMCHAM include Aston Martin, 7-Eleven and some of the Korean arms of the largest American firms in the world.

Pundi X’s Director of International Partnerships, Stephen DeMeulenaere, delivered a keynote address to the gathering of some of Korea’s most influential business leaders.

“With nearly one-in-three Koreans owning cryptocurrencies it’s only natural that they’re going to be spending them rather than holding them in their bedroom at night,” he said. “In terms of mass adoption there are many signs that we’re at 5 am [close to dawn]’.”

Mr DeMeulenaere was joined by speakers including a member of the Korean Parliament and the Governor of Jeju Island.

Crypto close to dawn: DeMeulenaere.

Stephen, who has worked on complementary currencies for decades and first lived in Asia during the 1998 financial crisis said the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the region could partly be explained by the view.

Seoul and Korea have well-established reputations as cryptocurrency capitals and trading in the Korean Won (KRW) is the third-highest by volume.

This giveaway was a staging of the real-world use of Pundi X’s technology for retail purposes before this weekend’s ULTRA Taiwan music festival where the same cards are used by thousands of music festival goers.

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