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After beta testing with over 1,000 users for the past few months, today we are confident to make this official.

Introducing XWallet app, an important new dimension to our mission to make the usage of digital assets easy, seamless and convenient for use as payment by our customers.

The release of the XWallet is a new component to the Pundi X ecosystem that makes transacting in, buying and spending digital currencies even easier. It’s a new mobile digital asset application to complement or be used in place of our already-successful physical digital wallet, the XPASS card.

Used in conjunction with the XPASS or by itself, the XWallet allows any consumer to manage and spend their digital money connecting across their devices and external digital wallets wherever they are — in-store, online, offline or at home.

Offline, online payments and remote card management

The XWallet allows you to manage your Pundi X PASS or can be used as a standalone mobile payment app both offline (via QR-code scanning) and online.

The app integrates seamlessly with the existing physical Pundi XPASS card, other digital wallets, or any other hardware device improving users’ access to their assets across all platforms.

Holders of an existing, physical Pundi X PASS can add their card to the XWallet app, allowing them to remotely manage their card’s balances via transfers from just about any kind of digital wallet. It can be topped up from any other digital asset wallet (such as a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet) via funds transfers.

Balances loaded onto the app can be in turn transferred to a user’s XPASS card address in an easy, three-step process:

  1. Select the type of currency you want to top up.

2. Copy the top-up address or scan the top-up QR code to make a deposit including via a third-party wallet such as My Ether Wallet.

3. Use the other wallet (with the correct type of cryptocurrency) to make the transfer and see it reflected on your XPASS card.

Cardless payments powered by Pundi X

The XWallet can also be used independently as a wallet. Each XPASS card has its own unique address distinct from the XWallet, though the two can be easily linked for remote management.

To use the XWallet as a standalone payment method, simply choose the XWallet at the point of checking out when presented with your choice of payment options on the Pundi X POS.

Consumers can walk into a store and conduct transactions via their mobile phones with the XWallet app — whether they are online or not.

Offline transactions can be processed via QR-code scanning that immediately deducts payments from a user’s balance before later uploading the full transaction to the blockchain.

Easier security management and retrieval

Each XWallet comes with its own username and payment password for added, easy protection of the consumer’s assets. And as it is not a cold wallet, there is no need for the data on the XWallet to be backed up.

But once an XPASS card is linked to the XWallet, the app can be used to retrieve the data stored on any card or any phone or device linked to the app. When you lose your XPASS card, you can quickly move your tokens out from the lost card to your XWallet so that you can have the full control of your tokens.

Ensuring consumers can easily to recover any lost assets is of the greatest importance to us.

Customers can email customer support in the case of asset loss or fraud via email xwallet [at] with their registered emails.

Support NPXS monthly unlocked tokens

For NPXS holders, you can receive monthly unlocked tokens in the XWallet app. The number of unlocked tokens is calculated based on the new mechanism here.

Available now

The XWallet app is already available for download from the official Pundi X website ( or from the Google Play Store. The XWallet runs on Android 4.4 and above. iOS version will be ready in the near future.

We see a lot of opportunities in XWallet app and will continue enhancing its features. If you enjoy using this free app, we would appreciate a 5-star review/feedback on Google Play rating.

As always, we welcome your feedback so that we can make our product better!

*Issues that we are currently fixing:

SMS is not working in some countries. Suggest to use your email address for registration and verification.

Upload feature of ID identification. Camera is not properly detected in some Android models.