2019-05-12 at 12.14.46 PM
Dear Pundians,

The token removal for Q1 2019 is now completed. On May 11, we took out a total of approximately 14.5 billion tokens (7.5 billion NPXS and 6.9 billion tokens NPXSXEM) from the supply as announced. Due to the inclusion of FX conversion, this quarterly removal amount has already exceeded the annual token amount (10.2 billion) we removed in 2018.

It’s approximately 9 million US dollars worth of value as of May 11, 2019.

Here are the links of the execution hashes;




The total amount of NPXSXEM consists of the supply from 12 contracts. Here is the list of the removal taken place in their relevant contract addresses.

pundix:npxs (http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/s_tx?hash=8008a6559486ffc1a0524d5f60dc9b23997dffa97e2e756d0105ad51f0db1a68)

pundix:npxs1–11 (http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/s_tx?hash=220629ab7939bae27b4fe5d213009320555c539fe522fc795caa56b3ac920f1e)

pundix:npxs2–11 (http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/s_tx?hash=762cd5361d6ee256dc0650a2b22ee48591749ef64a2e046280ae4e9e9810a603)

pundix:npxs3–11 (http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/s_tx?hash=27851aed6bcf86b2483f6ac561d20bb2eb8bdf1edf3964963f3bd8eb09f14ae2)

pundix:npxs4–11 (http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/s_tx?hash=5b59560bd3687a68d6d90b93524ac06e3d0eefbb2bb2ec425f3185f718b4ce0a)

pundix:npxs5–11 (http://explorer.nemchina.com/#/s_tx?hash=29389854071a721a52b7d1454229f727a56ab6e5a9b2675d187a05fbb5cea0f1)

After the removal, the total supply of NPXS is now 266,962,422,906.53 and NPXSXEM is 97,031,850,989 (updated on July 9, 2019).