token removal

Dear Pundians,

As announced in the AMA session on December 29 and our year-end report, today we took out a total of approximately 9.7 billion tokens (5.7 billion NPXS and 4 billion tokens NPXSXEM) from the supply.

Equivalent of 4.1 million US dollars worth of value as of January 3, 2019.

Here is the hash of the execution:


Hash: 0x381ac253b3bc9a0eadbc07bd4cb7c2872a6e0c888b7edb83d90aa1bd1b219002


Hash: 9151fd20fb1e5c8bddb7376465055182b9b0e87016cd41b87e1b94f2a18e1484

Apart from permanently taking 2.8 billion NPXSXEM out from the supply as promised in our AMA, we have also removed another 1.2 billion NPXSXEM totaling to 4 billion tokens for the annual token removal.

In 2018, we’ve executed the removal of 10.2 billion tokens in total.

Pundi X will continue achieving our goals and facilitating more crypto adoption through our X-family products in 2019!