Runner-up is Enjin (ENJ)

Dear Pundians and community members,

Thank you for participating in the first Twitter poll for listing on the Pundi X Open Platform. It is now concluded. The poll was from October 1–7, 2019. From the start of the poll, we also contacted the project teams to encourage their community members to vote for their favorite tokens.

Over 14,000 votes were cast for the following projects: Dent (51%), Enjin (42%), OmiseGo (5%), Decentraland (2%). The Twitter poll result shows Dent won with the highest number of votes and the runner-up was Enjin.

As promised, we will work with the DENT team to process listing via Pundi X Open Platform. Some formalities still need to be completed for regulatory compliance purposes

The listing process from the Twitter poll will be completed in two weeks. The project which fails to meet the compliance requirements before the end of two weeks will forfeit its right to be listed. If this occurs, we will contact the Runner-up team to process the listing.

Once the compliance review is approved, we will make a further announcement of availability of this token on the Pundi X payment platform.

Thanks for your support!

Pundi X Team