Key innovator in the branded cryptocurrency marketdigitalbitsWe are pleased to announce that XDB, the native token of the DigitalBits blockchain, is now part of our payment ecosystem. The XDB token can now be used for transactions across our global network of merchants and consumers.

XDB joins several other cryptocurrencies in our ecosystem, which can all be used as payment options in selected merchants around the world. These cryptocurrencies include BTC, ETH, BNB, DGX, KCS, KNC, XEM, VRH, DAI, ENQ, IDRT,and our very own NPXS.

“Our friends at DigitalBits share our mission of making blockchain more accessible and available to everyone, so we’re more than happy to add to the utility of its XDB token,” said Zac Cheah, Co-founder and CEO of Pundi X. “We hope XDB token holders will start using their tokens at any of our partner merchants around the world.”

“Pundi X has created an integrated suite of products that allow consumers to easily utilize cryptocurrencies,” stated Al Burgio, DigitalBits founder. “We are excited to see the addition of Pundi X into the DigitalBits partner ecosystem. The integration with Pundi X brings tremendous long term opportunity as it is also aligned with our vision for the DigitalBits blockchain to support the use of branded cryptocurrencies by enterprises and consumers.”

Tokenizing enterprises

The DigitalBits blockchain enables enterprises to take their existing branded currencies such as loyalty points and rewards and execute them into a blockchain. It is also well positioned to support the emerging market for branded stablecoins. This allows for wider and more meaningful use from both the consumers’ and merchants’ sides. Integrating these branded currencies into one crypto wallet will allow consumers to use rewards they earned from one merchant to a different merchant in the same ecosystem, improving customer retention and unlocking new opportunities for customer engagement.

DigitalBits also has a crypto wallet component, which allows enterprises to provide blockchain-powered payment solutions to their customers. Facilitating these transactions is the XDB token, which is used to pay for transaction fees as well as to link trades between these branded cryptocurrencies.

Expanding use cases

With DigitalBits signing up for Open Platform, our listing program for decentralized assets, the XDB token can now be used for other types of transactions around the Pundi X payment network. Most notably, XDB tokens can be used to pay for purchases made in any brick-and-mortar retailers that carry the XPOS, the world’s first blockchain-powered point-of-sale device, in the same way you would pay for groceries with fiat currency or their credit cards.

Moreover, users of the XPASS card will be able to carry XDB tokens with them wherever they go and have it be ready for crypto transactions. Users of the XWallet app can also transact with XDB tokens within the app.

If you’re a token developer who is interested in integrating your token with our global payment ecosystem, please visit for more information.

About DigitalBits

DigitalBits is a blockchain protocol and network layer designed for consumer digital assets, specifically branded currencies. DigitalBits is focused on supporting innovators with driving enterprise adoption of cryptocurrency and its use in enhancing the consumer experience and corporate social responsibility initiatives. For more information, please visit

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