Dear Pundians,

We are not just finishing another month, but we are going into the last two months of 2019! But before this year’s final stretch begins, we would like to give you a quick wrap-up of all the things we did in September and October. This summary is a bit longer than usual, but we think it’s pretty exciting and worth your time to read.

Oh and yes, we are celebrating two years of Pundi X, too. That would not have been possible without your tremendous support. To thank you, we have various celebration activities in XWallet so that you can participate and grab some prizes till January 2020.

Also, we’ve received recognition of the top 10 fintech leaders in 2019 from Singapore Fintech Association (SFA).

So here we are. Allow us to walk you through highlights:

Product Development

Carnival feature in XWallet

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we are holding a giveaway of up to 1 million USD worth of prizes through Carnival feature in XWallet. There are Daily Crypto Gift Drop, Lucky Spin, Dust N Draw, Binance trading competition and more. New prizes are unlocked batch by batch through different games and competition till Jan 21, 2020.

First Indonesian Rupiah Stable Coin

Pundi X launched the first ever Indonesian Rupiah Stable Coin on 17 October, making it available on XPOS, XWallet and XPASS Card through listing via Open Platform. The coin is currently being used by traders to convert various crypto assets into Rupiah. In the future, however, the Rupiah Token Indonesia Team expects the coin to be used for decentralized financing, international remittance, and trade finance, among others.

Winner of Community poll for listing on Pundi X platform- DENT

During October 1–7, 2019, we conducted the project teams to encourage their community members to vote for their favorite tokens.
Over 14,000 votes were cast for the following projects: Dent Coin (51%), Enjin (42%), OmiseGo (5%), Decentraland (2%). The Twitter poll result shows Dent won with the highest number of votes and the runner-up was Enjin.

We are in the process of listing DENT on Pundi X platform and will announce it as soon as it is ready.


Last 15 October, Pundi X proudly announced a new collaboration with Wanchain Foundation, a blockchain project that is focused on interoperability. Pundi X’s collaboration with Wanchain brings it closer to the latter’s network of validator nodes. For more information on the collaboration, you can check and read the details on:

Enecuum’s ENQ

On 25 September, ENQ is live on our global payments ecosystem. Pundians can now enjoy paying with ENQ at XPOS merchants, and use the currency with their XPASS cards and XWallet app.

We are happy to have Hong Kong-based Enecuum, as it is considered to be the first blockchain to unite all smartphones and other mobile devices into a single network, enabling each device to become a miner.

First Manga-themed XPASS Cards

Our followers in Tokyo are quite elated after we launched Manga-themed XPASS Cards for use in Akihabara. As you may know, Akihabara is the shopping hub famous for its bent on new technologies, including cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

On 22 September, Pundians have been able to purchase these first ever Manga-themed XPASS Card. As XEM has been popular in the Japanese market, and these special edition of the XPASS Card adds a new touch to the overall experience.

Featured XPOS Merchants and Distributors

Hamburg Clinic

We welcomed Hamburg Clinic join the growing Pundi X family. Germany-based Hamburg Clinic now has XPOS for transactions.

More information can be found here:

The Arbas Wine Cellar and La Cave du Sommelier

Pundians can now destress, sip wine, and enjoy dinner at Brazil-based restaurants The Arbas Wine Cellar and La Cave du Sommelier. Last 07 September and 05 October, respectively, Pundi X installed XPOS machines in both restaurants, giving their customers another way to pay.

JAXS Houseboot Deluxe

Last 11 September in Berlin, JAXS has received XPOS from Pundi X at IFA 2019. We welcomed JAXS to the XPOS Family! JAXS offers the rental of luxurious houseboats in Berlin, Germany. You can check out what they offer at


Pundians can now take a cup of afternoon coffee with delicious home-made cakes at another new XPOS merchant in Brazil, Tradicional.


Singapore-based fintech company dcubepay is one of the latest additions to our family. dcubepay specialises in digital payment solutions that can help Pundi X distribute limited XPASS Cards.

The first transaction was made available during the Grand Prix 2019 Afterparty at the Podium Lounge. The party, organized by dcubepay, offered a 50% discount off the entry tickets for the first 10 attendees per day paying with the XPASS card or XWallet app.

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Pundi X, two lucky winners were picked to join an amazing night at The Podium Lounge during the premier trackside afterparty of Grand Prix 2019. The lucky winners were picked by Pundi X CEO and Co-founder Zac Cheah.


Philippine digital marketing firm Ambidextr is now a partner merchant, accepting cryptocurrencies as payment options for its services. It’s the first Philippine-based business to accept crypto payments through Pundi X. Ambidextr’s clients who wish to pay for Ambidextr’s services such as media relations, events management, and inbound marketing through cryptocurrency will only need to download the XWallet app, top it up with a crypto asset of their choice, and scan Ambidextr’s QR code to complete the transaction.

Events and Communities

Pundi X presented in Mobishop

João Victor Mendes, Pundi X LATAM Country Manager, joined the panel of Futurecom 2019 on 31 October in Sao Paulo, Brazil to discuss how blockchain technology can be used in the telco industry with Vivo, Claro and TIM.

On 08 October, he also joined Mobishop as a speaker. Mobishop is one of the country’s largest m-payment events, with directors from Bradesco, Itaú Unibanco, Banco do Brasil, Banco Original, and BS2.

XR Blockchain seminar in Taipei

Peko Wan, VP of Pundi X, has presented XPOS solution and use cases in the seminar hosted by the New Taipei City Government and National Development Council on 26 October. Some government officials and participants got their first Bitcoin via transactions on XPOS platform.

Blockchain Night with LimeStone Networks

LimeStone together with Pundi X as distributor of XPOS, proudly hosted “Blockchain Night” in Taipei last 16 October, before the official launch of the first Blockchain-themed movie The Last Thieves. Pundi X has been featured in this first Chinese blockchain-themed movie

Binance DEX AMA

Pundi X team joined Binance DEX’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) Series on 09 October to talk about the company’s progress and its integration with Binance Chain.

Node.Osaka Meetup

On 9 October, Director of Marketing Soohan Han spoke in the meetup with Band Protocol, Celer, Kyber Network, Matic, and Nervos about Crypto in Asia. This meetup is a side-event of Devcon, the annual gathering held by the Ethereum Foundation.

Open Source Hardware Conference 2019 Tokyo

On October 6, 2019, Hiroshi Tanaka, Country Manager of Pundi X Japan participated and spoke in the Open Hard Conference 2019 Tokyo hosted by OSHWC and Open Source Hard Ware Conference in Suehiro-cho, Tokyo. It is an event that welcomes the young generation to visit and has been held in many places all around Japan since 2013.

DeFi night meetup in Korea

On 30 September, Pundi X spoke in DeFi Night meetup hosted by TTC Foundation, Maker Dao, Circle with Binance Labs, DXM in the HASHED Lounge.

Q3 progress report

On Oct 4 at 10:00 am GMT+8, Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-Founder presented Q3 progress. In the report, we disclose the growth of XWallet users, which cross over 400K registered users and we’ve also announced NPXS utilization in XWallet.

You can watch the video or download the summary of the report here.

Presentation in Madrid meetup with Bitcobie

CEO and Co-Founder Zac Cheah delivered a presentation in Madrid meetup hosted by Bitcobie, Pundi X Master Distributor in Spain, on 17 September. He shared how he came up with the idea for Pundi X and how he achieved his goals for this project.

Bank of China Singapore Innovation Lab

We are honored to be one of the three startups invited by Bank of China Singapore Innovation Lab to showcase our digital payments solutions on 02 September. We presented a variety of initiatives, such as FunctionX, BOB, and XPOS.

Building Indonesia’s Blockchain Industry

The Economy Ministry of Indonesia held a discussion session on 05 September to establish stronger blockchain environment in Indonesia. Indra Winarta represented Pundi X and shared our insights on the topic.

TechLaw Fest

Mr Krishnan Sri Balan, Associate Legal Counsel of Pundi X, attended the Tech Law Fest from 05 to 06 September. Mr Balan was a panelist for the topic ‘Deconstructing Smart Contracts On and Off Distributed Ledgers’.

Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2019

Largest industrial exhibitions in Germany, the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin continues to feature some of the most innovative ideas in consumer electronics and home appliances.

During 06 to 11 September, Pundi X attended IFA 2019 as an exhibitor. Pundi X’s station in Hall 24 showcased Function X powered BlokOnBlock phone and crypto payment platform XPOS on VeriFone X990. With this, participants got to experience their first voice-over-blockchain calls.


19 billion NPXS/NPXSXEM removed for Q3

We took out approximately 19 billion tokens (2 billion NPXS and 17 billion NPXSXEM tokens) from their respective total supplies on 11 October. The amount of the NPXSXEM removal in this quarter is much higher because many NPXSXEM tokens were converted to FX tokens in June 2019.

For the last 365 days, we have removed tokens in fiat value more than the amount we have raised from our token sale, which is over 35 million USD. For more detail, you can visit the post here,

Binance DEX Lucky

As part of the celebration of Pundi X 2nd Anniversary, we launched two rounds of Binance DEX lucky campaign which aim to give out a total of up to 105 million NPXSXEM to the lucky new NPXSXEM buyers. Over 1K buyers eligible participate and 216 tx hash matched the lucky combinations. For the campaign result, you can check here

Exchange update

On 30 September, we have volunteered to join Binance’s liquidity consolidation exercise, which we have removed the NPXS/BTC trading pair and keep NPXS/ETH, NPXS/USDC, NPXS/USDT pairings in Binance Exchange. We hope to see the exercise brings solid growth for NPXS. For details, you can read the announcement.

This is a wrap. We look forward to update you on our progress next month!

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