Dear Pundians,

How have all of you been? Hope you are staying healthy. It has been a challenging month for everyone around the world as we witness how COVID-19 has affected the way we work, play and eat in a big way. Economies and businesses have been hit significantly in these unprecedented times. We hope that everyone is adjusting well to the “new normal,” and we will do our best to help you as much as we can with our solutions.

Even though we are mostly restricted to our homes and working remotely, the team at Pundi X has continued to build and improve our products and offerings. Let’s jump straight into the key highlights for the month of April:

Q1 2020 Progress Update

On April 3, our CEO & Co-founder Zac hosted a video session to share the progress we have made in Q1 2020. We covered the following: COVID-19 impact, relief plans for merchants, strategy and outlook, product development and the shift in BOB production schedule. For more details, please read the full report here.

COVID-19 Relief Program

Due to COVID-19, many merchants are in a challenging situation. We want to contribute and support them as much as we can. We believe the retail outlets are still one of the starting points for crypto beginners.

As part of our relief program, 50 free XPOS will be given to merchants with retail storefronts and looking to embrace crypto transactions. All XPOS merchants will also enjoy 100% of the crypto transaction fees and our new XPOS Handy is available for purchase at $149 till April 30, 2020.

Bitcobie, our XPOS master distributor in Spain has also introduced an XPOS promotion to push for further adoption in Europe. If you are located in Europe, you can join this program.

For blockchain enterprise solution, Pundi X 365 has introduced a customized solution for businesses to implement a simple online tool to conduct an effective online pre-screening and issue a digital pass to the visitors during this COVID-19 period. A blockchain-based health certificate issuance platform is also available. More details can be found here.

Verify the pass by scanning the QR code

Product Development

On April 1, we added USDT support into both XWallet and XPOS so that the Pundi X users can top up and spend USDT with the XPOS merchants.

Upcoming New DApp to Protect Your Principal

To mitigate risks in the volatile altcoin markets, XWallet has introduced a new DApp called “Crypto Bull.”

On April 15, 100 limited slots were opened up to access a beta version of Crypto Bull. In less than 24 hours, we have received over 150 interested users signing up to test Crypto Bull.

Beta-testing is still in process and we look forward to getting the Crypto Bull DApp live and available to all XWallet users soon.

Preview of XWallet on Function X Testnet

As part of our evolution, we intend to bring all Pundi X transactions on-chain via the Function X blockchain. A newer version of the XWallet is currently in the works and below is a sneak peek of how the interface will look like:

Please note that this is not the final version. There will be further changes and improvements done during the testing stage.

Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS) Granted an Exemption

The MAS has granted Pundi X Labs Pte Ltd an exemption from holding a license to operate account issuance and digital payment token services in Singapore commencing January 28, 2020. The exemption will cease after July 28, 2020.

In compliance with the PS Act (Payment Services Act), we will be filing our license application to operate account issuance and digital payment token services by July 28, 2020.

FinTech Certificate

On April 15, we received a certification from the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA). Pundi X Labs Pte. Ltd. is now certified as a “FinTech” under SFA and recognized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

XPOS® merchant spotlight

Offchain, located in Mapo, one of the popular places in Seoul, just opened in April. The store serves excellent coffee and desserts and is able to accept crypto payment via the XPOS®.

Underdogs, a shop located in Ohio, United States, has become an XPOS® merchant. The shop provides a variety of products and services, including catering service, craft beer, ice-cream, pizza and crypto!

Pago Digital Explores the Potential of Blockchain-Based Digital Currency

Over the past few years, Brazil and the rest of its Latin American neighbors have become a veritable boomtown for the digital payments scene. Latin American businesses have sought out partners to streamline and speed up the adoption of digital payment systems. In Pago Digital’s case, they’ve adopted the XPOS® platform. Click here to read more.

Event and Community

Meet our ecosystem partner series #3 (Spanish)

On April 6, Pundi X Spanish group had Xavier M, Marketing & PR of Binance Spain in our Telegram group, to discuss Pundi X’s innovations and how it can be mainstreamed across Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Los Angeles.

Pundi X World’s Twitter Quiz

For several days, Pundi X World conducted the Quiz for the followers. It was a very creative and 15-day campaign. We love it! Once again, thank you for your effort in arranging it and see the strong engagement! Follow Pundi X World on their Twitter to see the latest campaign.

This is a wrap of the progress we have made in April. As the fight for a vaccine pushes on for COVID-19, we expect lockdowns and social distancing to be the norm. The impact of this pandemic is likely going to continue throughout this year or longer. We at Pundi X will remain focused on building and refining our offerings so that it remains relevant and useful in our current environment.

I look forward to seeing you next month! Stay safe and healthy.

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