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Dear Pundians,

As we finally wrap up the tumultuous year that was 2020, it’s probably safe to say that quite a lot has changed.

With the numerous disruptions to business brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pundi X has kicked off a number of initiatives designed not only to help our partners weather this unprecedented crisis but to also continue our work in bringing cryptocurrency and blockchain to the mainstream. After all, we see 2020 as the year of mass adoption, with institutional investors acquiring cryptocurrency and world governments imposing regulations, initiating their own digital currency and going through greater lengths to ensure anti-money laundering (AML) compliance.

Indeed, it’s this year that Pundi X set up online shops and expanded XPOS on various online e-commerce platforms, including NewEgg Business in the USA and Amazon in Japan. Thus, this theme of expansion and development in the face of crisis can be seen as the year progressed. Of course, a lot of the progress Pundi X was able to make was thanks to the plethora of talented people and companies we are able to work with through 2020.

Product development, token listing, partners

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Pundi X Official XPOS shop launched

CRE listed on Pundi X platform


XPOS presented in Ingenico Paytech Summit 2020

Pundi X and MakerDAO launch Crypto Merchant program in Latin America

Collaboration with the European University Cyprus

XPOS available on Newegg

On-chain payment available on XPOS


Crypto IDR in XWallet

Pundi X is granted an exemption from holding a license under the Payment Services Act in Singapore

NPXS listed on Pionex


USDT support added into both XWallet and XPOS

FinTech Certificate acquired



Klever (previously Tron Wallet) adds swap pairs for NPXS

Simple Swap adds NPXS


Pundi X welcomes Moonstake and Binarystar as strategic partners

XPOS app listed in PAX’s Android POS app store

On-Chain Deposit is available on merchant/distributor management portal


Crypto Zoo’s official release

PayPal and PayPal Here apps included in XPOS

Robust KYC on XWallet

Pundi X 365 joins European Al Alliance

Function X Testnet 1.0 released


XPOS supports Wanchain native coin

Pundi X joins the VerifyVASP Alliance

On-chain deposit and KYC added to XPOS merchant portal

Decentralized autonomous task marketplace HYVE collaborates with Pundi X

Pundi X onboards Bitcoin ATM operator Equibytes


Maker Foundation and Pundi X is set to unveil Dai-Agent network in Ghana

Pundi X launches a community-driven, revenue shared merchandise store powered by Origin Protocol

XPOS available on Amazon Japan

Function X Testnet 2.0 released


NPXS listed on NovaDAX

NPXS and FX available on Uniswap

Pundi X works with Merkle Science to prevent money laundering


XWallet supports Japanese language


Pundi X adds ARRO Token on XPOS and XWallet

Merchant portal integrates Ramp Network to provide deposit DAI in XPOS via bank transfer, credit card or Apple Pay

Pundi X 365 won best new comer of people’s choice of South Europe Startup Award


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Pundi X selected as 10 Best Startups in Indonesia

A special version of XPASS card given out in CES 2020


Telegram AMA sessions with Huobi Group

AkiColle Festival in Tokyo


Meet our ecosystem partner series #3 (Spanish)


COVID-19 Relief Plan for merchants


Twitter AMA with Change Now

Top 15 coins by LunarCrush


Workshop with Ingenico Brazil

Webinar with Binarystar

Won community voting on Uptrennd


XPOS® Distributor and Merchant Online Workshops

Telegram AMA with Binance French and KuCoin Japan


Singapore Polytechnic students present Pundi X

Livestream with Lunar Crush

Telegram AMA with Binance Russian

Telegram AMA with CryptoUniverse


Indonesian Blockchain Conference 2020

Telegram AMA with Maker Foundation

Limestone Network AMA

BlockchainJam 2020 in Japan

GTA Africa 2020


“Will Asia power the next boom?” Panel

XPOS in Akihabara exhibition

3rd Anniversary celebration


Navigating MAS Licensing For Fintech Companies in Singapore with IBM

Taipei Blockchain Incubator Event

Quarterly Reports

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Q1 2020 Progress Report

Q2 2020 Progress Report

Q3 2020 Progress Report

2021 Road Map

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Q4 2020 — Q2 2021 Road Map has been published earlier in July. We have summarized the goals completed and the ones in progress.

Also, Function X roadmap and progress has been updated and released in mid December.

Despite the challenges that have cropped up, we are proud to look back at the progress that was made in 2020. The upgrades made this year — whether with regards to compliance or an upgraded user experience — will surely ensure the flexibility of XPOS and other projects.

Thus, it’s safe to say that in 2021, we will continue our mission and will have more integration with various traditional payment businesses to enable more adoptions.

Until then, we’d like to take this opportunity once more to thank everyone who’s been a part of our 2020 journey. We know it couldn’t have been easy, so we promise to continue serving you with the same passion that you’ve come to expect from the Pundi X team.

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Stay safe and have a very Happy New Year!