Dear Pundians,

Our year is drawing to a close. Looking back, we’ve steadily pushed for adoption despite the ongoing pandemic as well as adopting changes for regulatory compliance. But before we truly review the year that was, we will make the most out of the remaining month in hopes of ending the year a stellar one.

For now, allow us to walk you through the month of November. Some of our highlights include the work-in-progress decentralized XWallet version will become part of Function X family as well as the 3rd-anniversary celebration activities. In the meantime, the team is working on integrating new language support and adding other useful features to the merchant portal, making our products and services better.


XWallet Updates

  • Fixed known bugs, including the ones in Crypto Zoo DApp.
  • Now it supports the Japanese language.
  • Decentralized wallet: Now under a closed beta test and will migrate to Function X.

XPOS Updates

  • Bring XPOS transactions on-chain: Work in progress

Merchant Portal Updates

  • Optimized the user interface of the Sales Account page.
  • Added detailed instructions to the on-chain deposit page.
  • Updated distributor and merchant KYC requirements based on the MAS guidelines.
  • On-ramp solution: now available testing in the Merchant Portal.

Other Updates

  • Our developers are exploring better server performance via optimization of infrastructure.


We continued seeing more XPOS activated in Japan and the USA. On the other hand, some new XPOS units have been shipped to Ghana and South Africa to prepare for activation.

Here are some of the new featured XPOS merchants that have shared their activation on social media in November:

Move It 2 Lose It Studio, USA


House of Mac Miami

If you’ve joined the XPOS family, please feel free to share your activation on social media and tag @PundixLabs. We will retweet your posts and share them with all Pundians!

Vote Pundi X 365 for Best Newcomer of South Europe Startup award

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Pundi X 365, our partner focusing on blockchain enterprise solutions in Europe, has been chosen and represents Cyprus as one of the regional finalists for Best Newcomer on the biggest startup competition in Southern Europe. To support, we will need your help to cast your vote here. Let’s vote!


3rd Anniversary celebration kicked off with super XPOS handy sale, crypto gifts, and more

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Starting from November, we are holding a series of campaigns to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. From Nov 5–17, three crypto gift drop events were held via the Pundi X Official Global Telegram group. Social media and HODL #NPXS campaigns are on-going till the end of 2020. All the campaign winners will be announced on Jan 21, 2021, in celebration of the day Pundi X was finally completed. NPXS public token sale back in 2018. Don’t miss it.

“Will Asia power the next boom?” Panel

Zac Cheah, Pundi X Co-Founder and CEO, made an appearance at one of the CoinAgenda panel sessions to discuss the future of Asia with Mark Mueller Eberstein, the author of the Trust Tech, and William Bao Bean, SOSV General Partner.

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XPOS in Akihabara exhibition

Pundi X Japan participated in the Akihabara exhibition this year again. Since the organizer is one of the XPOS owners, we are able to be part of this event and showcase how XPOS can be utilized to use cryptocurrency for payment transactions.

YouTube video tutorials

Pundi X marketing team has been producing step-by-step videos to educate using XWallet, XPOS, XPASS cards, and Merchant Portal. Especially during the pandemic period, these videos serve important guidance to assist distributors and users onboard Pundi X products. Subscribe Pundi X Official YouTube channel to receive the notification of the new video!

More new collections on Pundi X Merchandise shop

Pundi X Merchandise shop has added 3rd year anniversary and Christmas collections. Visit to explore your favorite Pundi X swags. They are all designed by Pundians.

Our sweetest Black Friday deal yet!

On Black Friday sale, we offered limited amount of XPOS refurbished devices at $0. Here’s how it went.

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Call for #blockchain developers

Our team is growing! Pundi X is looking for fresh talents to help us develop our cutting-edge solutions. For more information, read this. We look forward to receiving your resumes if you are interested.

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That’s all for November now. Thanks for tuning in and stay safe 🙂

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