Dear Pundians,

This month is an exciting month for all Pundians! Pundi X is turning 4 years old. On September 27, 2017, we first published the Whitepaper on Bitcoin Talk Forum, that very date is considered the birth of the Pundi X project. It has been an amazing ride and we’d like to thank you for being there for us along the way.

COVID-19 has reshaped our daily lives but our goal to enable any store to buy, sell and accept cryptocurrency has not changed under this circumstance. Even during the tough times and evolving crypto regulatory environment, we diligently follow our roadmap step by step moving towards and reaching each milestone.

2021 will be a turning point for Pundi X. Moving forward, Pundi X will evolve from a payment DApp to a dedicated payment blockchain. It inherited the infrastructure setting and consensus model of the Function X network. It also allows us to build the chain for future compliance requirement upgrades and hardware (XPOS) integration by offering incentives to merchants and payment processors.

Similar to Function X, users can delegate their $PUNDIX token into the validator node to participate in block validation, and in return delegators and validators will receive block rewards for their contribution and effort. Without jeopardizing the interest and tokenomics structure of $PUNDIX, a new Pundi X Reward token will be launched together with Pundi X Chain. This reward token will allow users to redeem NFTs from our partners, physical gifts such as XPOS, merchandise, and more.

To celebrate Pundi X 4th year anniversary, it is time to show our appreciation for your constant support. By participating in the celebration activities, you will be able to accumulate the Pundi X Reward tokens.

Starting from September 3 2021 to January 21 2022, we are going to have a series of celebration events that will involve the community, users, and the XPOS merchants. Make sure to follow our official announcement channels (MediumTwitterFacebookTelegram, and Function X Forum) to join the fun!

FantastiX 4 — Name the Pundi X Chain Validators

The first event to kick off the Pundi X 4th anniversary celebration is FantastiX 4.

As previously announced, we will launch Pundi X Chain on Function X. Among the initial 25 validators of Pundi X Chain hosted by the company, we have asked the community to vote on the names of the validators. 47.9% prefer naming these validator nodes after “objects in space”. However, some community members also proposed to open these slots to name after community members. We think this is a great suggestion to recognize the long term supporters. Hence, 4 validator nodes will open to be named after the community members. They are called the FantastiX 4 🤩

The FantastiX 4 — Name the Validators event will be carried out in two stages, here’s how to participate:

1st stage: Propose the names of the Community members

From now to Sep 06 23:59 GMT+8, anyone can reply to this Function X Forum post and propose the name of the Community member that you want to see as a validator name.

2nd stage: Community voting

We will gather the proposed names of the Community members and start voting. From Sep 07 12:00 to Sep 12 23:59 GMT+8, go to the Function X Forum post (to be posted on Sep 07) and vote for your favorite validator names to be the FantastiX 4.

Win the rewards by participating and sharing

  1. Participate the voting
  2. You can also retweet or share our Twitter post of the voting with #PundiX4Good and tag four friends.
  3. We will randomly choose 10 lucky participants who retweet and share this campaign to win 200,000 Pundi X Reward tokens (code name $PR token) each.
  4. The 10 lucky participants will be announced on Sep 15, 2021 and the reward will be distributed 7 days after the Pundi X Chain launch.

More to come

The Pundi X 4 Good celebration event starts now, come join us in the celebration. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more exciting celebration events coming up soon!


Pundi X Team

*The reward token will be distributed after the Pundi X Chain launches.

**Pundi X reserves the right to cancel or amend the terms and conditions of the celebration campaign without notice in the event of a catastrophe, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of its control. Any changes will be notified to the community as soon as possible.