Dear Pundians,

Welcome to August Pundi X Insider. August was the month of heavy tech development. Making accessible and easy-to-use financial services based on blockchain technology has always been our motto. The blockchain technology and regulatory environment have constantly evolved. More and more people are becoming crypto users. It’s more important than ever to get educated about the technology itself and the risks involved. This month we centered on in-depth information dissemination in widening users’ knowledge about cryptocurrencies and their use cases.

Let’s take a closer look at our activities in August:


Pundi X Chain and deXPOS Application

In August, we held a poll about naming the first 25 validators of the upcoming Pundi X Chain hosted by the company.

The result shows that over 47.9% voted for naming the nodes after objects in Space. We’ve also received suggestions from the community to reserve some slots to name after the community members. Now we have opened four slots to be named after the top voted community members. This voting is open for all Function X Forum members. Each user account has four votes. To make this voting fair, please do not create multiple Function X Forum accounts to vote.

On the developer side, the team continues testing on deXPOS Application Beta 1.0 via Pundi X Chain and cross-chain support for Binance Smart Chain.

Ethereum London hard fork
In line with the Ethereum London hard fork, we performed an upgrade on August 5, 2021.

Singapore Team Job Openings
To serve a growing community, we are in need of team players for our Singapore Team. We are looking for positions as Blockchain Developer and Financial Architect.

Apply now:
Blockchain Developer:
Financial Architect:


New XPOS Merchant Tutorial video available in multiple languages

To make the on-boarding process easy, we have created a series of XPOS merchant tutorial videos and published them on our YouTube Channel.

This month we started producing the video in different languages and with voice-over. The latest one is to instruct how to activate another new XPOS device under the same merchant account without going through the full registration process. EnglishJapaneseKoreanSpanish, and Portuguese versions are available.

More Pundi X Store opening in Turkey

Ovo, XPOS distributor in Turkey, brings the Pundi X store to the Grand Bazaar! The Grand Bazaar, the first covered shopping mall in the world, is an important landmark in history with over 550 years of trading.


Indonesia Blockchain Conference

On August 9, Co-founder and CEO of Pundi X Zac Cheah moderated the first two sessions of the Indonesia Blockchain Conference 2021 with the theme, “The Pandemic Meets the Digital Age.” The conference also featured esteemed policymakers Dr. Jerry Sambuaga, Vice Minister of Trade Ministry, Dr. R. Edi Prio Pambudi, SE, MA as Expert Staff of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Ms. Dwina Septiani Widjaya, President Director of PERURI, and Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Adhiarna, M.Eng as Acting Official Director Digital Economy of the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology.

Read more information here:

NFT drops by Minato

Minato Design minted the NFT prize and sent it to the winner. Congrats to the winner and thank you for your generosity to initiate this giveaway event.

Pundi X Swags and featured videos

We’d like to shout out to Karınca Trader for the efforts to produce Pundi X swags and videos featuring Pundi X. You brought out the very spirit of Pundi X.

Metaverse, Crypto, and DAO
Zac Cheah shared his thoughts on the fusion of the metaverse and crypto with DAO. Crypto has become open throughout the years and has attracted interest in it. With DAO’s system, it is considered to be the future of business. Stakeholders create a set of rules to be executed without the need of outside intervention.

Pundi X is in the direction of creating a DAO with its users. Participating in DAO, users can have a deeper understanding and wider perspective on how the blockchain governance works behind the scenes.

Learn more:

We aim to continue building a network that is open to users and creating meaningful discourse in improving Pundi X in general. Heading towards the third quarter, we emphasize collaborative effort in achieving the goals we have set from our humble beginnings.

We are excited about activities and events in the coming months, especially Pundi X 4th anniversary celebration. We express our thanks and hope you take care wherever you are around the world. Till next month!