Collect a full set of limited version of Mission WAGMI NFTs and enjoy a share up to 34 million $PURSE grand prize pool


  1. Interested participants can visit f(x)Wallet to get the Mission WAGMI NFT(s), an BEP-721 token asset.
  2. Collecting 10 different types of Mission WAGMI NFTs and register to share the grand prize pool before 22nd Jan 2022, 22:00 GMT+8.
  3. 1 eligible wallet address only represents 1 point, regardless of the numbers of Mission WAGMI NFTs in that particular wallet address.
  4. BNB BEP-20 is required as the gas fee for transactions.

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of Pundi X and the debut of Pundi X first NFT collection — Mission WAGMI series, the team will launch a campaign of ‘Collecting all 10 Mission WAGMI NFTs to share the grand prize pool’.

A total of 9,999 Mission WAGMI NFTs to be grabbed. Please note that, Mission WAGMI NFTs are running on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and it will require BNB as gas fee.

The reward pool is contributed by the NFT redemption from the participants. For a start, the team will contribute 25,000,000 $PURSE tokens to the prize pool and all subsequent proceeds of Mission WAGMI NFTs shall go to the prize pool as well. Participants can check the prize pool at

Game rule:

  1. Collecting all 10 different types (see above) of Mission WAGMI NFTs (‘NFTs’) in ONE single wallet address.
  2. Register your wallet address in once you complete all 10 NFTs collection. Please do NOT transfer out the NFTs once you have completed the registration form as it might result in miscalculation and disqualify your entrance to the prize pool.
  3. Admin will take the snapshot and run the checking on 22nd Jan 2022, at 22:00:00 GMT+8. Please make sure to collect all 10 NFTs and complete the registration before the deadline.

All participants are advised to hold the NFTs in the wallet after further notice.

  1. All eligible wallet addresses (that collected 10 NFTs) shall share the grand prize pool.
  2. To ensure the fair competition and participation of the game, 1 eligible wallet address equals 1 point, regardless of the numbers of NFTs that wallet address holds.

For example, wallet address A holds 5 complete sets of NFTs (in theory it is worth 5 points), and wallet address A is still entitled to 1 point only.

  • Distribution formula = Total prize pool / total points ;

For example, the prize pool has 25,000,000 $PURSE token and there are 1,000 eligible wallet addresses (1,000 points), hence each wallet address is entitled of 25,000 $PURSE tokens

All participants are advised to keep the NFTs in the wallet after the registration and wait till further notice.

Now get your 10 astronauts ready to kick off Mission WAGMI. We hope you enjoy your first Space mission in 2022 🧑‍🚀👨‍🚀🚀.


  1. Please always do your own research (DYOR) before participating in the event. Pundi X shall not be held responsible for the loss.
  2. Please do not share your private key with anyone
  3. Please do not send or swap the unknown tokens that were automatically added to your BSC addresses.
  4. Please do not trade or exchange your NFTs with strangers.
  5. Pundi X reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this promotional campaign at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.