A look back on a year of development, compliance, expansion and opportunity

Dear Pundians,

2021 was a year that accelerated many of the disruptions introduced in 2020. Contactless transactions continued to soar, remote work began to be incorporated in blended working models where people were required to physically go to the office only part of the time, and cryptocurrencies continued to move closer than ever to mainstream adoption.

Pundi X certainly felt the effects of 2021’s trends and developments. Before ringing in 2022, below is a look back at the major developments that made Pundi X’s year.

Pundi X Chain is a go

This year, both the Pundi X project and token moved from a payment service DApp to a payment blockchain: Pundi X Chain.

The change will see Pundi X Chain enable high throughput onchain transactions, low transaction fees, low latency, and point-of-sale device compatibility while rewarding XPOS users with various incentives. Holders can delegate on the Pundi X Chain and receive both PUNDIX coin and PURSE tokens as the block reward to participate in the governance.

As of writing, 28.6 million PUNDIX coins have been delegated on the Pundi X Chain, representing 10% of the total supply.

Token redenomination: NPXS is now PUNDIX

In March 2021, the Pundi X token supply began the process of reducing to a 1000:1 redenomination. Migrating NPXS token to PUNDIX coin means that anyone holding 1,000 NPXS can opt in to swap for 1 PUNDIX coin.

The move is meant to encourage further use of PUNDIX Coin, while demonstrating further support for exchanges and encouraging further DeFi adoption. A community poll showed support for the reduction as well. As of today, close to 90% of NPXS holders have completed the swap.

We would like to shout out to the support the leading exchanges have given to this process, including Binance, Bithumb, Bitrue, FTX, Huobi, Indodax, Upbit, Kucoin and more. For those who haven’t swapped to PUNDIX yet, please do it at your earliest convenience before the deadline of 29th March 2022. After 29th March 2022, the swap contract will expire and all remaining NPXS tokens will lose their value and utility.

Here is the onchain swap instruction. Two transactions are required and holders need to prepare ETH as the gas fee: https://medium.com/pundix/step-by-step-guide-for-npxs-onchain-swap-to-pundix-26c32dab7a42

PURSE, the Pundi X reward token

As NPXS became PUNDIX to serve as the native coin on the Pundi X Chain, NPXSXEM migrated to PURSE, the Pundi X reward token. There is no preminted or allocation in any form for the team. These reward tokens will be useful for utilities such as buying XPOS, participating in NFT auctions, redeeming NFT or other tokens from partners and receiving discounts. PURSE will exist not only on the Pundi X Chain but also on Binance Smart Chain, giving users the liquidity and DeFi opportunities available on it.

This December, the first Pundi X NFT collection called Mission WAGMI launched on Binance Smart Chain. Holders can redeem their PURSE and mint the limited edition NFT collection. Also, 1 billion PURSE has been allocated as the reward on Pancake Swap for PURSE liquidity providers. More PURSE rewards are coming in 2022. You can follow the official PURSE twitter account for the latest news and announcements.

XPOS expansion

The Latin American region is one of the fastest-growing adopters of cryptocurrency in the world. After all, it is El Salvador that first adopted Bitcoin as legal tender this year while high inflation in countries like Brazil and Argentina means its citizens turn to crypto as an inflation hedge. Throughout the year, Brazil ranked consistently among one of the top 10 countries for XWallet and XPOS usage.

Plans were made in 2021 to step up XPOS distribution in El Salvador. Pundi X has already met and worked closely with local distributors and CONAMYPE. 250 XPOS have been allocated to El Salvador for deployment once the regulatory registration has been completed.

100 XPOS Handy have been shipped and delivered to Zelaa Pay, our new distributor in UAE, kicking off the deployment process.

In 2021, within three months of operation, three Pundi X Crypto exchange stores opened in Turkey in Sirkeci, the Grand Bazaar and Marmara Park Shopping Center. OVO Dijital Servisler has targeted opening 100 Turkish Pundi X cryptocurrency stores in 2022.

XPOS transaction mining reward

To increase adoption and usage, it is also important to incentify merchants to use XPOS to process crypto transactions. In 2021, we held two rounds of XPOS transaction mining programs for XPOS merchants. Transaction volume and frequency doubled during the incentive period.

More product development in 2021

Pundi X integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

XWallet adopts FATF travel rules

Decentralized XPOS module in beta version available for internal testing

XPOS available on Ingenico DX8000

Events and Community

Community creations take off on XPOS WebXR

XPOS in Akicolle Festival in Akihabara, Japan

Pundi X Podcast launch: Behind the Counter

10.5 million FX staking for PUNDIX and FX holders

Theadoption.io and Pundi X Labs collaborate to bring NFTs to innovative new comic book series

XPOS recommended retail price adjustment

Indonesia Blockchain Conference

Crypto in Africa interview on Coinbase TV

XPOS Handy listed in Amazon Japan

Participate in Global Encryption Day

Join Tree Million project led by Binance Charity

#PundiX4Good celebration campaign

Name the Pundi X Chain validator campaign

Pundi X official Discord Channel and TikTok account

SWITCH Singapore 2021

AI Leadership Summit 2021

Ingenico Paytech 2021

Twitter Space AMA with Gokhshtein Media

Telegram AMA with StealthEX

Youtube AMA Session with Swapzone

Hear from Entrepreneurs Changing the World in Central Asia Webinar hosted by Founder Institute

PUNDIX-ETH Liquidity Mining Farm

Blockchain Application on Cloud as an Infrastructure for All Businesses With Alibaba

First Pundi X 2022 Mission WAGMI NFT Collection is set to launch on Binance Smart Chain

Quarterly Report

You can catch up our quarterly reports as follows:

Q1 2021

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Q3 2021

2022 the road ahead

In May 2021, we published the roadmap for Q3 2021-Q1 2022. While some milestones we set are not completed yet, rest assured that these are still in progress. Based on the current rapid industry development, we have to prioritize integrating the support of features with higher demand in the market which were not part of the initial roadmap, such as decentralized crypto gifts, NFT and EVM developments. In February 2022, we will publish the roadmap for Q2-Q4 2022.

2021 was an exciting year for Pundi X, one full of new launches of both products and services. As one year comes to a close, one can’t help but be excited for what’s ahead. In 2022, we look forward to empowering the crypto community even more and working closely together with leading technology builders to make blockchain more accessible for all.

Stay safe and Happy 2022!