Dear Pundians,

Despite February being the shortest month of the year, Pundi X consistently delivered upgrades and updates, including rewarding activities for the community. Lesser days cannot stop our team from achieving milestones anchored on our mission and vision.

We continued giving back to our community through PUNDIX coin delegation, PURSE liquidity reward, and BDL distribution. On the tech side, we have always been aggressive in upgrading and innovating our XPOS to further provide more access and support for onchain transaction with less gas fee required by adding Bitcoin BEP20, BNB BEP20, and USDT BEP20.

Be excited as we have also released the roadmap for Q2 2022 to Q4 2022 focusing on XPOS optimization, rewards and tokenomics, and many more.

With all these exciting things and more exhilarating events to come, our primary aim is to inform you with the steps Pundi X is taking in making cryptocurrencies affordable and available anywhere and anytime in the world.

Like a tiger, let’s leap to our report!


BSC Support on XPOS

Starting from 14th February, Bitcoin BEP20 is available for on-chain crypto payment and sales. This also results in lower fees, thanks to BNB Smart Chain (previously named Binance Smart Chain). All you need to do is S.S.G: Select, scan, and go!

$PURSE Distribution from BDL

Starting from 15th February to 15th March 2022, PURSE token holders can claim $PURSE as part of the Burn, Distribution, and Liquidity mechanism. 5% from the 20% BDL mechanism have been allocated to the distribution pool. The claiming mechanism is for BEP20 address holders only.

To claim check the mechanics here:

Pundi X Chain has its new logo

Starting off the month with a blast by releasing the new Pundi X Chain logo! From our simple beginning as a payment dApp to a dedicated crypto payment blockchain, you have been there. Part of our path to decentralization, the new logo of Pundi X Chain can be seen in decentralized f(x)Wallet beta. Be sure to check it out!

Ongoing PURSE Liquidity Mining Program

The $PURSE liquidity mining program launched last December 17, 2021. 1 billion $PURSE is set to be mined away. Don’t miss out on this rewarding opportunity!

You can take part in the program by reading the mechanics.

Pundi X Q2 2022 — Q4 2022 Roadmap

On 25th February, we released our second quarter to fourth quarter roadmap for the year of 2022. It is in line with our core values of making blockchain technology accessible to more people. We plan to continue developing our current products and services while focusing on exploring the possibility with potential business partners. Furthermore, exciting incentives and awards will be given back to the community for their continuous support in PUNDIX. Lastly, XPOS optimization for mobile phones is one of the big milestones we are looking forward to achieving.

Dive into what we have set in the remaining quarters of the year below:


100 free XPOS allocated for Arizona

On 4th February, Pundi X CEO and co-founder Zac Cheah posted a video update on Twitter mentioning two new XPOS distributors in Africa and South America. He also discussed about the XPASS card upgrade in becoming more secure and decentralized.

Lastly, Arizona is passing a law to accept bitcoin and Pundi X is looking forward to give 100 XPOS free in Arizona.

Watch video here:

More perks for XPOS USA merchants

With Ramp Network being official in the United States, XPOS merchants can now purchase DAI or USDT with USD using their credit cards and deposit it directly to XPOS crypto sales account. RAMP is live in 38 states in the US.

The sixth Pundi X Store in Marmaris Turkey

Located in a beautiful Mediterranean resort city- Marmaris, the sixth Pundi X crypto exchange store is officially open on 17th February. The city is known for yacht tourism and night life. For those who are interested, you have to check it out.

Pundi X is part of the Ecosystem of Blockchain Association Singapore

Pundi X has recently join the Blockchain Association Singapore which are also composed of newcomers such as Revolut, Visa, Phillip Capital, Broctagon Group, Hex Trust, TRM Labs, Tokenize Xchange, StraitsX, Bluejay Finance, BitDATA Exchange, ConsenSys, Teleperformance, and Blockdaemon.


King of Stable Coins used for Payment on Twitter Poll

TerraUSD (UST) won the Twitter poll we launched as the most popular cryptocurrency used by the community for payment with a landslide vote on February 10. Part of the Top 3 is USDT and BUSD.

Chill and Spill: Pundi X Instagram Live
On 16 February, Pundi X developer Richard Ng joined Ray Kims the Growth Manager of Nobi in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) instagram live and discussed “How to Get Passive Income through DeFi”.

Meme Coin battle poll

We’ve conducted a poll to seek our community preferences to choose their favorite meme coin as payment. 32, 473 users took part in the poll. Notable meme coins were part of the poll such as Dogecoin, Shib, BabyDoge, and Dogelon Mars. Dogelon is the meme of all meme coins having 63.4% of the total votes.

The poll results can be seen here and 10 lucky participants shared a prize pool of 100,000 PURSE and 10 Mission WAGMI NFT:

AMA with Dogelon community

On 23 Feb, Pundi X has participated the Twitter Spaces AMA with Dogelon community. Thank you for having us. To recap, you can listen to the recording below.

Weekly newsletter on Twitter

The weekly roundups are available for the community to catch up with Pundi X news easily. Also, you can check all the progress on weekly basis.

To subscribe, go to Pundi X Official Twitter at and enter your email address or click the following link. You will get the roundups every week.

That sums up Pundi X’s February! It has always been a great adventure with you all to take the journey of crypto adoption together and we look forward to another great month as we march through the challenges of the pandemic and other global challenges. We are also preparing activities to answer these challenges.

We hope everyone is safe around the world! See you all next month.