After the algorithmic stablecoin de-pegging event and collapse of CeFi platforms, last month, the crypto market recovered from its dip in June. With rising US dollar interest rates and inflation hitting an all-time high in many countries, we saw that inquiries about adopting crypto are also on the rise.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from July:


Kicked off lightning network integration plan

With the request from the community and merchants, we are working on implementing Bitcoin Lightning Network. A successful implementation will include testing and fixing the bugs. We aim to make it officially available for all the XPOS merchants in Q4.

XChange and XScan open for public beta testing

XChange, the first DApp on XPOS developed by 

Function X and XScan, on-chain transaction tracking explorer, has already been released to the public for beta testing. We are grateful for all the feedback and congratulate to those who won the free XCards. Now the developers are working on the improvement and implementing upgrades.

If you miss this public beta testing, don’t worry. You can watch the tutorial videos to get familiar with the functionalities.

How to activate and give authorization to XChange

How to sell crypto via XChange

How to accept crypto payment via XChange


The 12th Pundi X crypto exchange opened in Turkiye 🇹🇷

XPOS Distributor in Argentina settled in its new office 🇦🇷 gets ready to accept crypto in Honduras🇭🇳


Channel News Asia features Pundi X CEO and Co-Founder Zac Cheah

“How does Pundi X (PUNDIX) Crypto And its Retail Business Work?” by Kalkine Media on YouTube

Eddy.LIVE Show


XBlockchain After Party kicked off Singapore Blockchain Week

Organized by Pundi XFunction X Foundation, Litecoin Foundation, and Blockchain Association Singapore, XBlockchain After Party took place on July 25 to kick start Singapore Blockchain Week. Thank you for joining the party and we look forward to building with our partners.

AMA with Crypto Coin Coach

AMA with Crypto Miners

AMA with Crypto Monks

Q2 Progress Report AMA

We have held a live AMA to report our development in Q2. To have a quick read of the full report, here is the recap:

Q2 token removal

Free XPOS for business owners

If you are business owners from Lugano, El Salvador, and Honduras, check out the free XPOS campaign. Visit to grab one!