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Category: Product

Product 1

XPOS and XPASS cards pricing scheme

We’ve received many inquiries about acquiring the Pundi X POS device and XPASS cards. At Pundi X, being open and transparent is our motto. We’ve decided to publicize the pricing schemes of our XPOS and XPASS cards so that you can have a clear idea of the ordering costs.


Pundi-Pundi App is now M-Bayar (M-Payment)

To fully focus on the increasing demand of blockchain and XPOS deployment, we have decided to hand over our fiat payment app, Pundi-Pundi app to E2Pay to operate and re-branded it as ‘M-Bayar’ (from the Indonesian word for ‘payment’). Pundi X will roll out its own digital currency wallet, called XWallet. The new blockchain-based, digital currency wallet app is currently under beta-testing stage. Separation of the two different apps will be beneficial and legally sustainable for our operations in Indonesia.

Product 2

Swiss company UTRUST to deploy 1,000 Pundi X POS devices

Enabling physical retailers to accept cryptocurrency payments Pundi X and UTRUST, two of the world’s digital payment platforms, announced today they are joining forces to build a large-scale offline cryptocurrency payment platform. At the Blockchain for Finance Conference in Singapore today, Swiss-based UTRUST and Pundi X signed a partnership to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments in stores and secure them for […]


Regulatory Compliance: an essential first step in the rollout of Pundi X POS devices

Recently, we have seen media headlines saying: ‘Pundi X installs crypto point-of-sale devices despite regulations’ and ‘deployment of POS devices would be completed regardless of regulatory developments’. These ideas are misleading because Regulatory Compliance is an essential first step for the successful market introduction of Pundi X POS (Point-of-Sale) devices and the successful evolution of the blockchain as a whole.

Product 1

Roadmap update and new advisors

Dear Pundians, Exciting time for Pundi X! We are grateful to have many strong supporters to back our project and have introduced partners for us to work with. In the weeks since our token sale completed, we have consolidated and layed out the plan we are going to implement for the next 12 months. We found that it’s very possible […]