Dear Pundians,

Per announced, the token removal for Q4 2019 is completed. We took out approximately 6.2 billion tokens (1.2 billion NPXS and 5 billion NPXSXEM tokens) from their respective total supplies. The amount of the NPXSXEM removal in this quarter is higher because more NPXSXEM tokens were converted to FX tokens in July 2019.

The value of the total Q4 removal amount is equivalent to 855K US dollars worth of value as of January 3, 2020. After the Q4 token removal, the total supply of NPXS is now 258,599,580,301.29 and the total supply NPXSXEM is 44,823,694,475.6.

Here are the links of the execution hashes;

1,211,128,531.33 NPXS tokens were removed from its total supply permanently. t

5,055,354,533.85 NPXSXEM tokens were taken out from its total supply permanently. Starting from July 20, NPXSXEM is migrating to Binance Chain. You can check out the execution on Binance Chain.

If you have NPXSXEM on NEM blockchain (in Mosaic token) and want to swap for BEP2 tokens, here is the guide you can follow or you trade till June 29, 2020. After June 30, 2020, we will delist the NPXSXEM Mosaic tokens from all the exchanges.

Over 42 million USD worth of tokens removed

In the past 6 quarters, we have removed tokens in fiat value more than 42 million USD. In the upcoming quarter, NPXS utilization on XWallet will be added once Dapps are available. We are excited to launch our new DeFi services which have been long requested by our XWallet users. We will start removing our revenue from XWallet, which is 0.35% of the transaction fee in NPXS. In the mean time, we will speed up XPOS activation by giving out the transaction fee to our merchants in 2020 as incentives.

We will continue removing tokens based on the amount we generated from our revenue. Here is the estimate timeframe of token removal in each quarter in 2020.

The schedule provides you a guideline of our plan. To get the most updated information, you can always follow our official announcement channels.

Again, thank you for your continued support. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.