Dear Pundians.

Welcome to the first issue of the 2020 Pundi X Insider monthly report.

It’s just the start of the year, but the team has been on a roll. We wrapped up 2019 with several milestones and we are already beginning to see how 2020 will play out. For the most part, we are positive that this will be an exciting year especially with the foundation we have built for the past two years.

Right at the start of 2020, Pundi X CEO and co-founder Zac Cheah hosted a video session to discuss how our startup progressed in Q4 2019 as well as what’s in store for the upcoming year. The AMA summary report is available here.

For the rest of our January updates, read on:

Product development and partnership

On-chain payment for beta testing

For the past few weeks, we have been developing and testing an exciting new feature on XPOS®, on-chain payment. This allows XPOS® to support crypto payment not only from our XWallet app or XPASS card but also from private wallets, which allow the users to own their private keys. They are Atomic Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Enjin wallet, MEWConnect, Trust Wallet and more.

This new feature is now available on the XPOS® platform. Here are the steps to accept crypto payment from the private wallet through on-chain payment.

1.Click ‘On-Chain Payment’ on the XPOS® platform.

2. Enter the payment amount.

3. Read terms and conditions. Make sure to read and follow the given instructions before proceeding to the next step.

4. The customer scans the QR code shown on the XPOS® with his or her private wallet.

5. Wait for the confirmation to complete the transaction.

On-chain payment feature on XPOS

Once the transaction is successfully completed, XPOS® will prompt a notification. Please print and handover the receipt to the customer. Currently, ETH and BNB are available for this new feature. We will add more tokens in the near future once this feature is fully tested and developed.

Pundi X Brazil’s website launch

To make it easier for Pundi X customers to understand and access our solutions, especially for those in the key markets, we have launched Pundi X Brazilian website. This is the second fully localized website to cater to the needs of the local markets. The first one is Pundi X Venezuela website, https://www.pundix-venezuela.com/. Now people in Brazil can order XPOS® devices and XPASS cards through the official local support at https://www.pundix.com.br.

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 4.32.56 PM

CRE listed on Pundi X platform

CRE, Carry Protocol’s token, is now part of the Pundi X payment ecosystem. Carry Protocol is a Blockchain-based Virtuous Cycle platform of purchasing data. The company aims to build a token economy ecosystem where consumers directly control their offline purchasing data to regain their data interests and monetize them. Through the partnership, Carry Protocol will expand accessibility by acquiring users worldwide served by Pundi X. It also plans to accelerate its efforts to tap into Southeast Asia and other overseas markets.

Reseller program is open for small merchants

In 2020, we start opening up for small merchants to purchase XPOS via our official site. Small merchants can sign up directly from https://www.pundix.com and have easy access to our distributor network. We are also expanding more sales channels, both online and offline.

Blok-On-Blok modular design appears in CES 2020

As CES 2020 took place during 6–9 January, we’ve showcased the first testing model of Blok On Blok (BOB) phone as well as its modular design components.

Not only did we exhibit our solutions at CES 2020, but Blok-on-Blok also became an honoree for the CES 2020 Innovation Award! CES 2020’s participants were excited to see BOB, making our booth a favorite in the show.

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 11.08.10 PM.png

We are also grateful to have our supporters and media visit our booth, getting a hands-on experience of our products and sharing the news. Here is a list of the media coverage.


Get special CES 2020 XPASS card

In CES 2020, we also partnered with Maker to give our booth visitors a special version of XPASS card and experience their first crypto transactions.

10 Best Startups in Indonesia

We’ve been named as one of the top ten startups in Indonesia, next to the following greats: Gojek, Tokopedia, Traveloka, Akulaku, and Ilotte. Following us are Kredivo, Koinworks, Salestock, and Online Pajak. Indeed, blockchain is becoming a recognized form of innovation in the country, and we are honored to have helped make it possible.

Q4 Token removal executed

On January 10, we have executed Q4 token removal and taken out approximately 6.2 billion tokens (1.2 billion NPXS and 5 billion NPXSXEM tokens) from their respective total supplies. In the past 6 quarters, we have removed tokens in fiat value more than 42 million USD.

Here is the detail of the execution.

Special shout out to our partners and community members

Our partners and community members kept supporting us. In this newsletter, we’d like to give a special shoutout!

On Jan 10, Pundi X has joined the meetup hosted by Maker at WeWork London. Aravan, our community manager, has also hosted Maker’s AMA in Pundi X Spanish Telegram group.

On Jan 11, Crypto Coin Show published the interview to cover the partnership between Digital Bits and Pundi X.

Bitcobie, our master distributor in Spain, has published the Spanish version of Zac’s Q4 report video session and hosted several online AMA sessions.

BTCKing, our XPOS distributor in US, has helped us out in the CES as well as showcased XPOS in Morgan State University to make more people know about Pundi X.

There are many more members who show their great support and help to educate for using Pundi X for crypto adoption. We will cover them one by one in the next issue of the newsletter.

Again, thank you for your continued support. Look forward to sharing our progress next month!