Issuing 20,000 Pundi X HYVE co-branded XPASS cards

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The Maltese based autonomous task platform HYVE has recently partnered with Pundi X to provide HYVE users with an efficient, easy way to cash out their earnings.

Founded in 2018, HYVE is a community-governed ecosystem that streamlines the collaboration process between professionals in the global multi-billion freelance and workforce market. The company leverages the best of decentralized technologies to do so, enforcing smart contracts, transactions, and so forth. HYVE has a thriving community and has made its presence felt in the digital asset community by participating in Q&A sessions with different digital asset interest groups.

Pundi X, on the other hand, has years of experience creating blockchain-based solutions for businesses and making digital assets accessible via its point of sale devices, apps, and NFC cards. Though the two companies have been acquainted for a few years already, this is the first official partnership between them.

How the partnership will work is that HYVE and Pundi X will together create co-branded digital asset cards via Pundi X’s platform. These cards can then be used by HYVE users to cash out their earnings, and then spent at any store that uses XPOS powered point-of-sale devices. The XPOS was designed to enable traditional brick-and-mortar stores to transact in cryptocurrency and has already been deployed to over 30 different countries around the world. XPOS devices also employ an Android-based software that lets it support blockchain and online payment applications on top of it, like wallets and exchange platforms.

Additionally, HYVE’s very own token will join the growing list of digital assets supported on the XPOS, a list that already includes the likes of ETH and BTC. This means that users will be able to top up and pay using HYVE tokens wherever an XPOS device is present.

According to HYVE CEO Tudor Stomff, the collaboration between the two companies is perfectly in-step with the company’s overall mission of building an ecosystem where professionals from anywhere can collaborate without any hassle. “The demands of the current job market mean technology must keep up,” Stomff said. “Working with Pundi X makes it easier to eliminate the middlemen who keep professionals from accessing their hard-earned money. Additionally, it gives HYVE’s users the option to dabble in cryptocurrency, a solid way to diversify their assets.”

For Pundi X, the collaboration with HYVE represents an opportunity to reach a whole new audience and show that transacting in cryptocurrency can be as easy as buying a bottle of water. “With HYVE primarily catering to freelancers whose transactions are often done internationally, it’s a chance for Pundi X to make a case for why digital assets may be a better alternative to fiat money,” said Cheah. “We can make sure asset transfers are secure and instantaneous, utilizing the best of encryption and blockchain technology.”

In anticipation of the demand, HYVE has even gone as far as ordering 20,000 Pundi X HYVE co-branded cards just before sign-ups have officially opened up.

Finally, Stomff also hints that this may not even be the last time Pundi X and HYVE will be working together. “We’ve been operating in stealth mode so far as a company and what we’re seeing now is only the first iteration of HYVE as a platform,” Stomff said. “So as we evolve, there’ll certainly be more opportunities to work with Pundi X. It only makes sense as the ecosystems we’ve built certainly go hand-in-hand with one another.”

Though where HYVE and Pundi X’s current project takes them remains to be seen, it can be safe to assume that this will not be the last we’ll be hearing from either company.


HYVE is a decentralized finance-centric autonomous ecosystem built on top of the multi billion workforce industry. It aims to make collaborations between all workers anywhere a seamless experience, to revolutionize what it means to “hire”.

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