The second half of the year has begun. Before we head into it full speed, we’d like to give you a rundown of Pundi X’s highlights for the month of May.

Last month, we completed the integration of Chainlink’s Price Feeds. Along with this integration, we also implemented an important XWallet upgrade to comply with FATF travel rules. To learn more about our upcoming development, see Pundi X Roadmap for Q3 2021 to Q1 2022 is revealed.

Take a look at the details and the rest of our month’s work below.


Pundi X integrates Chainlink Price Feeds

We’ve integrated with the widely used and trusted Chainlink Price Feeds — decentralized oracle networks that make a variety of real-time asset prices accessible on-chain for smart contracts. We will integrate Chainlink Price Feeds not only with the PUNDIX token but also with the upcoming DEX and synthetic asset platform on the Function X network.

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XWallet adopts FATF travel rules

Starting from 19th May 2021, XWallet adopted FATF Travel Rules and adjusted token listings to ensure our products and offerings comply with the guidelines from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Pundi X Roadmap Q3 2021 — Q1 2022

Though it’s still only about halfway through the year, 2021 is shaping up to be another productive year for the Pundi X team. Spurred by the changes started in 2020 and anticipating the rising demand for blockchain-based solutions, our team has worked hard to improve and innovate our products. All of these are small but crucial steps in educating people on the power of blockchain and digital currencies.

Check out a list of what we have accomplished and what the upcoming development will be at

XPOS retail price adjustment

Beginning 1st June 2021, the recommended retail price (RRP) of new XPOS devices by Pundi X will be USD 499 per unit. Since 2018, Pundi X’s XPOS devices have made it possible for brick-and-mortar stores to use cryptocurrencies with contactless transactions. XPOS devices have so far been distributed to over 30+ countries across the world, ranging from Brazil to Japan.

The reasoning behind the price adjustment is to continue to provide the best product quality of XPOS devices by sponsoring constant system upgrades, including security enhancement, new blockchain integration, device certification, and ensuring compliance. Furthermore, the price increase will also enable new features such as periodic mining rewards and decentralized transaction support to bring extra value to the merchants and increase the XPOS usability.

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XPOS in Newegg Business and Amazon Japan

XPOS devices were recently sold out both on Newegg Business e-commerce site and Amazon Japan. Due to mobility restrictions imposed by the local government for COVID-19 in different countries, our logistics and QA will be slower than usual. For our US and Canadian customers who are interested in purchasing the XPOS device, you may visit For the Japanese customers, you can contact Pundi X Japan official account for purchase inquiries.

Update on the Daily Sign-in Reward

We completed the upgrade of the Daily Sign-in module in XWallet and it resumed online beginning 12:00:00 GMT+8 on 28th May, 2021. The type of daily sign-in award will still be in NPXS. Once the participants meet the minimum level, they will be able to withdraw the giveaway tokens that they have accumulated. When withdrawn to the user’s virtual wallet, the NPXS giveaway tokens will be automatically converted into PUNDIX at a 1000:1 ratio.

The daily sign-in activity will end at 23:59:59 GMT+8 on 30th June, 2021. On 1st September, 2021, we will retire and remove the Extra page from the XWallet app. Please make sure to withdraw your Daily Sign-in Reward tokens before 31st August, 2021.

For details, visit

PUNDIX token swap progress

Pundi X’s token supply reduction was kicked off on March 30, 2021 with 1000:1 redenomination. The maximum supply is now 258 million units.

PUNDIX tokens have over 1 million holders, including exchange and private wallet holders. Approximately 85%+ of $NPXS tokens have been swapped for PUNDIX tokens. Below is the summary of the swap progress. You can read this article for details:


NFT Clubhouse discussion

On May 21 at 7:00 pm EST, Pundi X CEO Zac Cheah joined other crypto trailblazers on Clubhouse for a discussion on NFT comics and NFT collectibles with Billy X Dusse, Mark Mueller Eberstein, Jeremy Herbst, Melcom Copeland, Isaiah Jackson, Manu Sainsily, Iris Nevins, Myriam Brouard and more.

Pundi X and Hyve co-branded XPASS card

After months of preparation and the community voting for the best XPASS card design, we’ve finalized and completed the production of Hyve XPASS card. Now it’s on the way for delivery.

Crypto in Africa interview on Coinbase TV

BTCKing, our XPOS US master distributor, had an interview with Coindesk TV to talk about crypto adoption in the African countries as well as Pundi X. Check out the full interview at this link.Crypto and the African Diaspora – CoinDeskIn this episode of “Community Crypto,” we go to Africa to explore the continent’s adoption of cryptocurrencies and what…

XPASS card donation

Education is always the key to crypto adoption. We are excited to see the XPOS distributor in the US take the initiative to donate XPASS cards to the community. Thank you for your generosity.

This is a wrap-up of the progress we have made in May. As of writing, we’ve seen the positive regulatory progress is made for further adoption, starting from El Salvador making Bitcoin a legal tender. We are ready to embrace this trend and continue building.