Dear Pundians,

After launching Pundi X Chain, we completed cross-chain support for Binance Smart Chain and more developments are in the pipeline to enhance the Pundi X blockchain ecosystem. We also started the reward token migration while continuing advocating the further adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This month, we took part in several AMA Sessions and webinars with various industry leaders to shine a light on Pundi X. Our team is dedicated to working diligently as we’ve invited new people to join us to continue materializing the vision to make cryptocurrency more accessible across the globe.

Let’s take a look at the activities in November.


$PURSE BEP20 distribution and NPXSXEM migration

Starting from 7 November 2021, eligible $PUNDIX holders were able to claim $PURSE tokens via their BEP20 wallets and $NPXSXEM holders were able to convert to $PURSE at a 1:1 ratio. The claiming deadline for $PUNDIX holders is 31 December 2021 10:00 AM and the conversion deadline for $NPXSXEM to $PURSE is on 31 January 2022 10:00 AM. Below are the links:



Check the step-by-step claiming and conversion tutorials here:

deXPOS (ver 1.0)

deXPOS Beta 1.0, empowered by Pundi X Chain, is currently under functionality testing. An XPOS device installed with the deXPOS module will be able to perform the following functions — and we are still developing more features:

  • Scan the QR code to connect with f(x)Wallet (currently available for iOS users)
  • Set merchant information on f(x)Wallet after connected
  • Receive on-chain payment using fxUSD as settlement currency to avoid the crypto price volatility
  • Get notifications when fxUSD is received as payment
  • Print receipts via XPOS after the payment is confirmed


XPOS deployment in El Salvador

Pundi X alongside MakerDAO are distributing free XPOS, enabling Salvadoran businesses to accept DAI, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and other cryptocurrencies. The limited number of free XPOS will be distributed to qualified businesses on a first come first serve basis. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Apply now:

We’d like to give a special shout out to CONAMYPE for assisting with the XPOS distribution plan.

Pundi X Store opening in Marmara Park, Turkey

Marmara Park will be the site of a new Pundi X cryptocurrency exchange store. This is the first shopping mall in Turkey installing XPOS to make crypto more accessible to all.

XPOS Handy arrived in UAE

100 XPOS Handy have been delivered to ZelaaPay in the UAE. We are looking forward to seeing #XPOS activation in the UAE kick off soon.


Pundi X virtual booth at Standard Chartered Ghana Fintech Festival

During 3–4 November 2021, a Pundi X virtual booth was set up at the Standard Chartered Digital Banking, Innovation, and FinTech Festival in collaboration with the Bank of Ghana and SC Ventures.

SWITCH Singapore 2021

We joined a panel discussion together with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology, Bogazici Ventures, T-Gate and Sistem Global Consulting to discuss innovation and business partnership opportunities in Turkey during SWITCH Singapore 2021 on 9 November.

AI Leadership Summit 2021

Chief Legal Counsel David Ben Kay spoke in the Fintech and Cybersecurity Panel of the AI Leadership Summit 2021 on 11 November. It was sponsored by the Government Big Data Institute (GBDi) in cooperation with Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

Ingenico Paytech 2021

Pundi X LATAM country manager João Victor Mendes talked about cryptocurrency with Worldline, the leading payment processor at Paytech 2021 hosted by Ingenico Brazil on 25 November.

Twitter Space AMA with Gokhshtein Media

Hosted by Gokhshtein Media, Twitter Space AMA went live on 8 November.

Telegram AMA with StealthEX

Telegram AMA with StealthEX took place on 15 November. Growth Manager Andreas Harpas and Marketing Manager Judie Liu took part in the AMA session. 100 $PUNDIX were shared with 8 attendees who had the best questions.

Youtube AMA Session with Swapzone

Community Wizards Jeremy and Marcus joined the AMA Youtube Session with Swapzone. Our wizards shared how Pundi X makes crypto more accessible to people all around the world and fosters the utility of digital currencies in the AMA.

Watch the AMA session here:

Hear from Entrepreneurs Changing the World in Central Asia Webinar

On 23 November, we spoke about Pundi X at the Founders for Progress: Hear from Entrepreneurs Changing the World in Central Asia Webinar hosted by Founder Institute.

Pundi X CEO’s thoughts on NFT

Pundi X Co-Founder and CEO Zac Cheah shared his thoughts on NFTs and how we can use the $PURSE token to acquire NFTs. Pundi X community members BlindBoxDAOverse, and Minato Design were also featured for their unique creations.

Check the article here:Why NFTs are here to stayThere are many pros and cons to investing and trading in NFTs but one thing is certain: they’re here to

PUNDIX-ETH Liquidity Mining Farm

77,777 $PUNDIX are available for liquidity mining in Uniswap V3 beginning 12 November. The event is set to conclude on 11 December 2021. To be eligible, $PUNDIX holders need to provide their liquidity for the PUNDIX-ETH pair in UniswapV3 and provide their PUNDIX-ETH liquidity LP token to the liquidity mining farm during the incentive period. Please note that ETH gas fee will be levied and fluctuates depending on network traffic.

Click here for more details:Introducing PUNDIX-ETH Liquidity Mining FarmA 77,777 $PUNDIX reward for PUNDIX-ETH Uniswap V3 liquidity providers to

XPOS Black Friday Sale

A Black Friday sale was held from 26–30 November 2021. XPOSHandy was available for 40% less using the code “PX4Good”. This was the time to enjoy the greatest discount of the year.

Upbit Thailand listed PUNDIX-BTC trading pair

#PundiX4GOOD Video Campaign Winners announced

The #PundiX4GOOD Video Campaign event concluded on 2 November 2021. The four lucky winners of $40 USD worth of $PURSE token are @Chesnow2@vintagerobot2WAIKO MCLOUD, and @ThundercatXrp. In addition, the winners of BlindBox NFTs are @pundixjan@MrRicho48@KazuzO009, and @rypto Knightrider. The awards were successfully distributed on 9 November 2021.

Check their cool videos here:

The team is growing

With our growing community and consistent tech development, we are in need of talented individuals to expand and develop Pundi X to enable us to continue to move forward towards our goals.

We are looking for:

  • Blockchain Developer/ Lead Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Software Developer (Rust, Go, Blink, Electron, js)
  • Mobile Developer
  • Digital Marketing Manager/ Community Manager
  • Financial Architect/ Token Expert
  • Test and Launch Engineer
  • Trading System Engineer
  • Commercial Law Associate
  • Security Engineer

More details and other job positions at

We are pursuing more partnerships with industry leaders as Pundi X continues to grow day by day. We also want to get our community involved as much as possible as we progress.

The end of the year is coming and we are blessed we were able to make it through with you guys. Let’s keep the good things rolling during December. Looking forward to seeing you again next month!