A new business model is emerging in the global cryptocurrency market with more than $3 trillion.

OVO Dijital Servisler (Türkiye), the official XPOS distributor in Turkey opened Pundi X cryptocurrency stores in Sirkeci, Grand Bazaar, and Marmara Park Shopping Center in 3 months. Pundi X Türkiye rose to a leading position in the physical cryptocurrency exchange market. The target for 2022 is 100 franchises for Pundi X cryptocurrency stores in different cities in Turkey.

The interest in cryptocurrencies worldwide is increasing. New ventures and business opportunities are emerging in this booming market, while NFT stores and cryptocurrency exchanges have become one of the fastest-growing business models in 2021.

Physical cryptocurrency offices similar to traditional exchange offices are now available in many cities. Turkey is among the countries quickly adapting to this phenomenon and there are more than 20 cryptocurrency stores only in Istanbul.

Pundi X Türkiye, the leader of the physical cryptocurrency exchange market, is growing rapidly with its franchise network. The company provides the world’s first blockchain POS technology with a turnkey store to its crypto traders who wish to open a cryptocurrency exchange. With the XPOS device, Pundi X cryptocurrency stores can swiftly and safely buy and sell many different cryptocurrencies to customers.

“It is the future of money exchange”, comments Zac Cheah, Co-Founder and CEO of Pundi X, who signals that Pundi X cryptocurrency stores will become widespread around the world, just like the exchange offices we are accustomed to seeing everywhere today. “Turkey is the first country we launched physical exchange stores using XPOS as a facilitator. It sets out a new use case for businesses across the world.”

First Cryptocurrency Kiosk opened in Marmara Park Shopping Center

Turkey’s first cryptocurrency kiosk opened in Marmara Park Shopping Mall. “There are 450 shopping malls in Türkiye and all of them have a foreign exchange office. However, foreigners living in Türkiye and tourists carry more cryptocurrencies than foreign currency,” said General Manager of OVO Digital Servisler Hakan Akyüz. “Therefore, we both make a great contribution to the economy and bring a wider market to those who want to trade cryptocurrencies face to face. One day we will see cryptocurrency exchanges in every shopping mall and airport.”

100 Franchise to use XPOS for cryptocurrency exchange service

“We will reach 25 cryptocurrency exchanges by March 2022”, adds Hakan Akyüz, providing further information about the new Pundi X cryptocurrency stores to be opened. Stating the quota determined until the end of 2022 is limited to 100 franchises, Akyüz explains they receive applications from their website pundixturkiye.com: “We are closely following the Central Bank Digital Turkish Lira (CBDC) Project. We are going through a period in which many countries are in the process of creating their own digital currency.”

Hakan Akyüz evaluated the phenomenon of increasing cryptocurrency exchanges with the following words: “In the next 5 years, we will experience groundbreaking developments in the field of financial technologies. Each country’s CBDC studies are different in this regard. There are countries that are trying to establish infrastructure for cross-border money transfer, as well as fully digitalized examples such as China. Pundi X provides a full end-to-end blockchain-based solution that can be customized for CBDC projects. We closely follow the Digital Turkish Lira development process by the Central Bank of the Turkish Republic.”