Dear Pundians,

We are almost approaching the end of 2022. It’s no double that this year has been a challenging one, especially for those in the crypto market. It’s a lesson for those operating and providing crypto services that they need to focus on transparency, corporate governance, risk management, and consumer protection to rebuild their confidence. Also, the users are able to learn and understand how to self-custody their digital assets which is what people can use the web3 technology for, to take back ownership of their digital assets. At Pundi X, we are heading in this direction and providing more options for people to use the technology to transact their digital assets in the way they are comfortable with.

Let’s take a look at the highlights in November.


The world’s first web3.0 point-of-sale platform launched in Singapore Fintech Festival

Web 3.0 enables financial openness and decentralization, including peer-to-peer digital asset transactions and smart contracts. We started building XPOS as a custodial platform 5 years ago. Today, XPOS can not only process payments and sales from 3rd party blockchain wallets but also support decentralized apps and multiple blockchain networks to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions.

Watch how XPOS transforms itself into the web 3.0 point-of-sale platform presented by 

Zac Cheah, Pundi X CEO and Co-Founder during Singapore Fintech Festival 2022.

Cashier Pro is now available for all XPOS merchants

In November, we upgraded the XPOS platform with supporting on-chain payment via Bitcoin Lightning Network and Tron Network in addition to Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain. When accepting payments from a 3rd party blockchain wallet, XPOS merchants can now use Cashier Pro to process the payment with ease.

You can read more about here:

XWallet upgrade

Starting from November 11, the Pundi X developers will revamp XWallet, including upgrading know-your-customer verification APIs and later sunsetting the completed campaigns, daily sign-ups, Telegram chat, and crypto gift feature.

Once we complete the API upgrade, we will re-open the new user registration. Also due to compliance, we will be off-boarding users in some countries. Users will be notified via email and XWallet in-app announcement to make necessary account arrangements.

You can read the announcement here.

Notice of unverified users and XWallet new user registration

To provide a better user experience and compliance, the Pundi X developers will revamp XWallet, including upgrading…


Pundi X offers ​​free XPOS to merchants in Roatan to build a crypto-friendly zone for Bitcoin adoption

Las Verandas Hotel and Beach Club in Roatan Honduras joins the XPOS family

Watch Lightning network in action on XPOS at Scuba Shop


Claim your $PURSE retroactive rewards before 31 December 2022, 12:00:00 GMT +8

300 Million PURSE tokens will be given out to Early Stakers as Retroactive Rewards to reward them for their loyalty. These Early Stakers refer to users who have staked their PURSE on PURSE Staking from any time before 2 June 2022 to 1 November 2022.

Don’t miss it. You can check how to claim the reward here.

Redeem $PURSE for Starbucks gift cards

You can use $PURSE reward tokens to redeem Starbucks coffee in November. The eligible winners were announced.


Pundi X exhibited and spoke at Singapore Fintech Festival

XPOS showcased in Omobazar Jinbocho event in Japan

Pundi X joined the meeting with the US Treasury Department as a member of the Blockchain Association Singapore

Pundi X presents how to become an XPOS merchant in Prospera Fintech Festival

Pundi X exhibited and presented at t.Hub MASHUP 2022 event in Taiwan

Our partner Infineon showcased using p(x)Card web3 transactions on XPOS in the Next Generation Cards 2022 in Singapore

Our partner Pundi X 365 talked about blockchain in Brussels

Pundi X 365 provided the blockchain certification solution for the DYVO project led by European Commission. In this session, Pundi X 365 shared and educated how blockchain can be utilized for certification.

Pundi X presented at FlyVest Demo day in Taiwan

That sums up our activities and progress in November. As we march through the challenges of the crypto winter, remember, stay vigilant and always store your crypto in the wallet you own your private key!

See you all next month.