Earlier this year, we at Pundi X predicted that 2022 would be a year full of adventures and opportunities. We’re humbled to say that we’ve been proven right ten times over.

2022 saw both major improvements to our flagship products and the introduction of new initiatives. This was beneficial for both crypto users and Pundi X itself. Whether it’s more efficient transactions for users or valuable new partnerships for the company, 2022 is certainly a year to remember.

Before ringing in 2023, let’s take a look back at some of the year’s developments.

XPOS continues to evolve

The year started out with the introduction of the Decentralized XPOS app, later named p(x)Change empowered by Function X. It was initially opened to select verified XPOS merchants and community members for beta testing. Testing was made available to the public by the third quarter of the year. The solution supports true decentralization by supporting even more blockchains, coins, and wallets inside its ecosystem. p(x)Change is even capable of supporting multiple blockchain networks such as the Ethereum network, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche blockchains.

Not only are transactions through p(x)Change peer to peer but all transactions will also remain transparent.

Throughout the year, Pundi X continually made adjustments to XPOS to make it easier to use. In May, merchants became able to switch the fiat currency on their XPOS via the merchant portal at https://merchant.pundix.com.

On-chain payment made easy with Cashier Pro

The existing feature, on-chain payment, in XPOS has evolved to be Cashier Pro, which enables merchants to accept crypto payment from 3rd party blockchain wallets across multiple blockchain networks, including Bitcoin Lightning Network, BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Tron blockchain.

The integration of the Bitcoin Lightning Network into XPOS carries multiple benefits such as accepting bitcoin payments from private wallets and selling bitcoin to customers on the network.

In the future, XPOS is set to support an even greater amount of third-party wallets and decentralized apps. The end result should be an XPOS that is accessible to all.

New innovations toward self-custodial and security

In addition to innovations like the p(x)Change, 2022 also saw the beta release of the p(x)Card and p(x)Scan.

The p(x)Card is a hardware wallet made with the help of Infineon to give users their own private key and pay/buy crypto via the p(x)Change app on XPOS. It’s also easy to use: simply tap on an NFC-enabled phone to check the balance or complete the transaction. Users can store not only their tokens but also NFTs within the p(x)Card.

On the other hand, the p(x)Scan is a dashboard giving merchants a way to monitor their on-chain transactions and assets across multiple blockchain networks. Distributors can also use p(x)Scan to sign up merchants for transaction mining rewards.

In conjunction with the p(x)Change, the p(x)Card and p(x)Scan make decentralized transactions a breeze. It’s Pundi X’s way of giving people back power over their assets. The release of the p(x)Card is expected to be in Q1 2023.

More Pundi X Stores in Türkiye and a new distributor in South Africa

Before the end of 2022, 14 Pundi X exchange stores went live in Türkiye, and many more stores are coming in 2023.

Our distributor in South Africa is preparing the groundwork to launch XPOS.

PURSE activities in 2022

PURSE, the loyalty token native to the Pundi X ecosystem, had a year to remember in 2022.

In 2022, a total of 4.3 billion $PURSE tokens were burned. And every PURSE transaction on the BEP20 network will take 20% fees, of which 10% will be burned, 5% will be distributed among all holders proportionally, and 5% will be put into the liquidity pool.

PURSE holders also had the option of staking the coin to claim BDL and become a liquidity provider. Check out the activities to get the rewards in 2022.

$PURSE Distribution from BDL

Claim $PURSE Retroactive rewards before Dec 31, 2022

$PURSE liquidity mining program

$PURSE liquidity mining Part 2

$PURSE Liquidity Award

$PURSE staking

Also, with PURSE now redeemable for Netflix, Google Play, and Apple gift cards and more, we can expect countless new redemption options for the token very soon. Here is the list of the redemption activities:

Redeem $PURSE for Roblox gift cards

Redeem $PURSE for Airbnb gift cards

Redeem $PURSE for Starbucks gift cards

Redeem $PURSE for Amazon gift card

Redeem $PURSE for Apple Store gift cards

Redeem $PURSE for Google Play gift cards

Netflix Gift Card Redemption

Redeem $PURSE for McDonald’s gift cards

In addition to redeeming gift cards, you can use $PURSE to mint NFT!

Hope for the Children NFT Airdrop

Hope For Children NFT Donation

Mint Mission WAGMI NFT with $PURSE

Events and Community

2022 gave Pundi X a chance to interact with other crypto/blockchain enthusiasts.

This year, Pundi X had the honor of participating in numerous events from the Avalance Summit in Barcelona to the recent Singapore Fintech Festival. These events were a great way for us to help potential merchants discover the power of decentralization and explain Pundi X’s role in that journey.


As always, we were also able to onboard a good deal of XPOS merchants all over the world in Honduras, Türkiye, Taiwan, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, and more. We also participate in industry events and governmental meetings to push for crypto adoption.

Exhibited and spoke at Singapore Fintech Festival

XPOS showcased in Omobazar Jinbocho event in Japan

Joined the meeting with the US Treasury Department as a member of the Blockchain Association Singapore

Presented how to become an XPOS merchant at Prospera Fintech Festival

Exhibited and presented at t.Hub MASHUP 2022 event in Taiwan

Infineon showcased using p(x)Card web3 transactions on XPOS in the Next Generation Cards 2022 in Singapore

Our partner Pundi X 365 talked about blockchain in Brussels

Presented at FlyVest Demo day in Taiwan

Spoke and exhibited at Fintech Festival Ghana organized by Standard Chartered Bank

Shared insights about DeFi at Singapore Actuarial Conference

Participated in Infineon’s OktoberTech event

Participated Lugano’s Plan ₿ Forum

Partnered with Infineon showcasing for the first time the crypto hardware wallet p(x)Card at Identity Week Asia

Joined Indonesia Blockchain Conference

Joined the discussion with major bank Bank Mandiri about the national cryptography policy in Indonesia

Representative from Prospera in Honduras visited Pundi X Headquarters in Singapore

Presented XPOS to the new Honduras ambassador in Taiwan

Presented XPOS solution to the companies stationed t-Hub Taipei innovation center

Attended Coinfest Asia in Bali

Pundi X team visited XPOS exchange stores owners in Türkiye

XPOS powered crypto payments at Satoshi Gardens hub launch, the first Blockchain Hub in Uganda

Pundi X Japan showcased XPOS at Wireless Communication Festival in Tokyo

Pundi X at an NFT event in Barcade Taiwan

Pundi X at Consensus

Pundi X was invited as a speaker at Chang Jung Christian University in Taiwan

Crypto education workshop in Taiwan

Pundi X presented Brazil’s experience in ScaleUp inBrazil Engagement Session

Keynote speech and exhibition at Wolves Summit

XPOS in Kanagawa and Popls Garage Market in Japan

XPOS in Avalanche Summit

Community events

We also held events for community members.

International Women’s Day giveaway

XBlockchain After Party kicked off Singapore Blockchain Week

Pundi X High 5 celebration and Winner announcement of the Pundi X High 5

Review4Good and PUNDIX4Good Meme Campaign concluded

AMAs and media coverage

Huobi hosted Twitter Spaces with Pundi X. Over 1K users tuned in.

“What is Pundi X?” Video published by CoinEx

Channel News Asia features Pundi X CEO and Co-Founder Zac Cheah

“How does Pundi X (PUNDIX) Crypto And its Retail Business Work?” by Kalkine Media on YouTube

Pundi X on Eddy.LIVE Show

AMA with Crypto Coin Coach

AMA with Crypto Miners

AMA with Crypto Monks

Twitter Spaces with Ramp

Pundi X interviewed by Bybit at Consensus2022

Twitter Spaces with Full Value Dan and Eddy

Channel News Asia features Pundi X R&D team

Pundi X recognized by Singapore’s Senior Minister of State

Pundi X presents in MIT professional education: Blockchain Disruptive Technology Course

XPOS Review by YouTuber Full Value Dan

XPOS merchant is featured in a leading Brazilian Daily Newspaper

Twitter Space: Crypto adoption in Türkiye

Chill and Spill: Pundi X Instagram Live

AMA with Dogelon community

Pundi X CEO is featured as one of the Top 10 Most Active Crypto CEOs by e27

BTS Crypto Night Live 2

Quarterly Report

You can also catch up on our quarterly report as follows:

Q1 2022 & Q1 token removal

Q2 2022 & Q2 token removal

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The lookout to 2023

Many have happened to the crypto market in the year 2022. Together with the community, we went through the ups and downs, and still, firmly stand. The BUIDLing never stops, and the mission to push mass crypto adoption continues. As always, the community is the one we say thank you to, and we invite you to stay with us in the following years to come.

Let’s look forward to 2023 and Happy New Year!