Dear Pundians,

Happy 2023! Hope you all have a great start of the year. We see more and more people reckoning the importance of storing their digital assets in the blockchain wallet so that they own their private keys. At Pundi X, we have provided options for crypto users to pay or buy crypto with their preferred wallets so that the customers are comfortable using their own wallets to transact with the XPOS merchants. On the other hand, XPOS merchants are able to serve a wide range of blockchain wallet users.

In the second half of 2022, we accomplished about 80% of the items which we had set out in our roadmap. See below for details:


  • Tested decentralized exchange app and new hardware wallet card beta version on XPOS
  • Supported USDT TRC20 and BTC on the lightning network for on-chain transactions
  • Increased $PURSE award redemption partners
  • Established CBDC and loyalty point tokenization task force and provided consultancy together with our partners
  • Opened more crypto exchange stores in Turkey and onboarded OVO Dijital Servisler A.Ş as the first Master Franchisee in Turkey
  • Expanded in XPOS® network in Honduras and South Africa. Registered as a regulated foreign entity in Roatan, Prospera (Special Economic Zone that legalized cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange)
  • Showcased the hardware wallet card on-chain transaction via XPOS with Infineon
  • Launched the world’s first web3 POS solution at Singapore Fintech Festival

Work in progress

  • Develop XPOS® module for mobile phone users
  • In progress: MAS license, registration with the Bank of Spain and registration as Money Service Business in Canada
  • XWallet UI optimization

We will continue working on the items that are working in progress and adding new ones that are requested by our communities and potential clients for 2023. Here is our roadmap from Q1 2023 to Q4 2023. Please take note of our disclaimer* when you are considering the forward-looking roadmap below.

Q1 2023

  • Improve the XPOS distributor portal and liquidity provisioning for merchants and distributors
  • Integrate the 3rd party crypto payment channel on XPOS
  • Open the public validator slots for Pundi X Chain

Q2 2023

  • Open the sale of p(x)Card developed by Function X Foundation on
  • Improve the XPOS merchant portal
  • Make XPOS compatible with new 3rd party POS device model

Q3 2023

  • Develop white-label web3 POS solution for financial institutions
  • Expand XPOS crypto exchange store network outside Turkey

Q4 2023

  • Develop XPOS web3 app for mobile phone users
  • Expand XPOS hardware reseller network
  • Include more DApps available on XPOS
  • Finalize several licensing across different continents (pending approval from certain monetary authorities / central banks)

Q1 2024

  • To be announced in early Jan 2024.


This Roadmap contains forward-looking statements regarding Pundi X’s expected progress, future features and our business plans.

These statements reflect Pundi X’s current expectations with respect to future events; they are based on assumptions and are subject to risks, uncertainties, and changes at any time as the company operates in a changing regulatory environment and highly evolving technical space. Pundi X is obligated to comply with regulatory requirements or require permissions for new services which may cause delay or transferring to other organizations to continue the newly developed services.

Given these risks and uncertainties, you are cautioned not to rely on these forward-looking statements. Actual results, performance, or events may be different from what is predicted in the forward-looking statements.

The forward-looking statements cannot constitute technological, financial, investment, legal or other advice. Please consult with experts in appropriate areas before implementing or utilizing the forward-looking statements.