Dear Pundians,

Thank you for joining our Q4 2022 Progress Report. For those who couldn’t join it live, you can watch the video version by visiting our YouTube Channel.

Together with us from the Pundi X team across the globe here are CEO & Co-Founder, Zac, Chief Liaison Officer, Balan, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Peko, Director of Finance, Lovely, Director of Global BD & Partnership, Joao and Marketing Manager, Judie.

XPOS development

Cashier Pro

Cashier Pro is an upgraded version of On-chain payment, which offers more on-chain payment options for customers who prefer to use crypto wallets such as f(x)Wallet, Coin98, Wallet of Satoshi, and more.

Cashier Pro supports Bitcoin Lightning Network, BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Tron blockchain, which allows crypto holders to pay with Bitcoin via Lightning Network or BEP20, Ethereum ERC20, USDT TRC20 or BEP20, and BNB BEP20. More payment methods are expected in the future.

More about Cashier Pro

XPOS distribution

New Pundi X Stores opened in Türkiye, and new merchants from Taiwan and Honduras joined the XPOS family.

This year, we participated in Próspera FinTech Summit to demonstrate the XPOS solution and how to incentivize the local business to become a merchant.

More about Pundi X in Roatán, Honduras

Statistics about XPOS transactions in Q4 2022


As the world is moving out from the shadow of COVID threats, Pundi X is also making a presence in various events globally, including Singapore, Honduras, Taiwan, Japan, and more.

Pundi X was invited to participate in Infineon’s OktoberTech event in Singapore to demonstrate p(x)Card developed by Infineon and Pundi X. p(x)Card is the next-generation non-custodial hardware wallet empowered by 

Function X, which will be released in 2023.

During the week-long Singapore Fintech Festival event, we met not only fellow blockchain projects from all over the world but also delegates from Dubai International Financial Center and the U.S. Treasury representatives from the U.S. Embassy Singapore, who are keen to engage with companies in the crypto space.

Pundi X was also invited to join a closed meeting session to discuss how Singaporean companies approach and deal with the Singapore crypto regulations. The session was different from the usual presentations and demonstrations, which was the highlight of Pundi X’s presence at the SFF.

Pundi X plays a role in helping the Island of Roatán in Honduras to push Bitcoin adoption and was invited to join the Prospera FinTech Summit hosted by local venture capitalist INFINITA. It was the opportunity for us to demonstrate XPOS solutions to the potential clients face-to-face.

Pundi X Japan has made many presences in events, thanks to the effort of our Country Manager of Japan, Nanna-san.

Pundi X Taiwan team participated in the making of the Meet The Drapers TV show and demonstrated the XPOS solutions with Bitcoin Lightning Network to the Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Tim Draper, and his team.

We were also invited to present at the FlyingVest Ventures demo day in Taiwan.

The Plan B Forum took place in Lugano was a big event for the Bitcoin community, which is something Pundi X wouldn’t miss. Our Growth Manager, Andreas, was there to engage with projects like Polygon.

Thanks to the effort given by the whole Pundi X team, we keep showing our constantly upgrading payment solution and web3 device, XPOS, to the world and opening up new doors to collaborations.

PURSE Update

PURSE is the loyalty token in the Pundi X ecosystem, and can be earned by delegating PUNDIX on Pundi X Chain as delegation rewards.

In 2022, a series of PURSE redemption activities were shared with the PURSE community, including Netflix gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and many more.

Pundi X not only put crypto in real word usage, but our own token also works in the real world.

Nearly 4.5 billion $PURSE burnt

With every transfer, a token burn takes place. In January 2023, nearly 4.5 billion PURSE tokens were burnt.

All the information is available on

Decentralized Products

p(x)Card — The non-custodial hardware wallet for your everyday use.

The p(x)Card is a collaborative product between Infineon and Pundi X. Powered by Function X technology, the p(x)Card acts as your private key holder that provides the easiest way to hold your tokens and NFTs. You have full control over your digital assets with a simple tap and go.

The genesis p(x)Cards will support f(x)Core, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon; Ethereum and Avalanche will be supported in the future.

Pre-sale of p(x)Card is expected in Q1, 2023. Stay tuned.

2023 Roadmap


  1. How do I become a Pundi X merchant (from India)?

A: Please submit your request to for further information.

2. How to purchase p(x)Card and how much will it cost?

A: The retail price will be revealed during the presales of the p(x)Card, and a 30% discount will be applied to the price, so don’t miss it.

3. Can I order the XPOS device online?

A: You can purchase the device at It is suggested that you contact for information about becoming an XPOS merchant before placing an order.

Thank you for joining the session, please stay healthy and safe, and we will see you in the next progress report!

Pundi X Team