The applications of Pundi X Validators are way more than expected, a total of 43 applications were received. Thank you to the community for your support and enthusiasm.

In response to the high participation rate, a governance proposal to increase the total active validators of Pundi X Chain from the current 20 to 50 is submitted to This is the first governance proposal of Pundi X Chain! It’s time to cast your vote to participate in building Pundi X Chain.

How to vote

The current DAO voting for governance proposal on Pundi X Chain works on the desktop version only.

  1. Go to with your desktop browser
  2. Connect wallet

3. Authorize the connection in your wallet, and make sure you have enough $PUNDIX in your wallet for the gas fee. If you don’t have $PUNDIX on Pundi X Chain, you can use “f(x)Bridge” to send your $PUNDIX from the Ethereum Network to Pundi X Chain.

4. After connecting to your wallet, select the proposal and cast your vote by choosing from the option set below: Yes/ No/ Abstain/ NoWithVeto

5. Sign the transaction in your wallet and you’re done!

The voting period is 7 days from now to Feb 13, 2023. The proposal will be passed if the quorum passes 40% before the voting period ends.

To learn more about how Pundi X DAO voting mechanism works, please read this article.