Pundi X calls for crypto communities across the globe to step up and help

Haluk Levent, the founder of AHBAP, the charity organization, as well as a famous singer in Türkiye has created a crypto wallet address on BNB Smart chain to help the earthquake victims in Türkiye. These crypto addresses are approved by MASAK, Financial Crimes Investigation Board under the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, and will be valid till Feb 13 2023 for global crypto donation purposes.

AHBAP Official website: https://ahbap.org/

Here are the official addresses (same as the QR codes in the picture) to donate:

ERC20 address: 0xe1935271D1993434A1a59fE08f24891Dc5F398Cd

BEP20 address: 0xB67705398fEd380a1CE02e77095fed64f8aCe463

Avalanche address: 0x868D27c361682462536DfE361f2e20B3A6f4dDD8

As the number of crypto transactions is increasing in order to speed up the financial aids distribution during this time, Pundi X Türkiye operated by OVO Dijital Servisler has recently removed its distributor commission for every transaction made on XPOS and now it will also waive the initial merchant fee for those who donate over 8500 USD worth of crypto to the official addresses.

At Pundi X, we are making donation to these official addresses and we also encourage the global crypto community to step up and help. The addresses above belong to AHBAP. They will only be valid and approved to be used for one week only. The donation will go to the ones who need the most via AHBAP. In the meantime, we would like to remind you to be vigilant about the crypto addresses you are going to donate.

Our hearts and prayers to the people in Türkiye. We hope all the earthquake victims will be rescued, and have a place and food to eat. The country will recover sooner.