Pundi X had an exciting month filled with meaningful events and developments that have continued to solidify XPOS’s position as a leading builder in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Here are some of the highlights from February:


First Pundi X Chain governance proposal is out

In a bid to increase transparency, Pundi X has made its first governance proposals on the StarScan Explorer. As the slots of Pundi X Chain validator are open for the public to host, there are more applicants than expected. Hence, the first governance proposal is to decide whether Pundi X Chain increase the number of validator slots. As a result, the community voted “yes” to increase Pundi X Chain validators from 20 to 50.

40+ Applications to Become Validator Nodes

The Pundi X Chain has received a lot of interest from validators as over 40 applications were received. We are all excited about the enthusiasm of the community and look forward to welcoming more new validator nodes live. Currently, there are 39 validators live on Pundi X Chain.

XPOS integrates Binance Pay

The XPOS platform has integrated Binance Pay, enabling thousands of merchants across 30 countries to easily accept cryptocurrency payments via XPOS devices using Binance Pay. Binance users can pay with any crypto via XPOS using Binance Pay and the merchants can receive stablecoin, USDT or DAI.


Sneak Peek of viewing & minting NFTs on XPOS

During Zac Cheah’s video, talking about Amazon entering the NFT marketplace, we gave the community a sneak peek into the XPOS showing the minting and viewing of NFTs on the p(x)Change dApp. This feature is an interesting development that the team is proud of.


Revolutionizing Crypto Transactions in South Africa

Pundi X South Africa is committed to driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies in South Africa. In a Medium post, the team highlighted not only the technology they are bringing to serve the merchants but also their roles, including increasing the education and adoption of cryptocurrencies in South Africa.

Pundi X Türkiye and AHBAP urge crypto donation for earthquake victims

Pundi X Türkiye has joined hands with AHBAP to support earthquake victims with crypto in Turkey. To assist the merchants during the difficult time, Pundi X Türkiye waived distributor fees for all transactions on XPOS, and allow the crypto donors to enjoy more benefits.



Pundi X spoke in the DeFi panel at Mobile World Congress

Pundi X CEO & Co-Founder 

Zac Cheah participated as a speaker at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where he talked about DeFi and beyond. The session covered topics such as the future of DeFi, DeFi vs CeFi, and regulatory compliance.

Moreover, Pundi X 365 participated at 4YFN booth hall and showcased XPOS, XPASS and p(x)Card while p(x)Card made its debut in Mobile World Congress.

Speaking Crypto in Web3 panel hosted by Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia

As part of the Closing Ceremony of Crypto Literacy Month, Pundi X team was invited to speak at the Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia panel about how crypto is evolving in Web3.

PURSE Redeem Campaign for League of Legends Gift Cards

The PURSE Redeem campaign in February is League of Legends gift card. With 1000 PURSE, the winners can redeem 10 USD worth of League of Legends gift card!

Overall, February was a busy and eventful month for Pundi X. The platform continues to grow and evolve, and these developments highlight the team’s commitment to building a better and more accessible blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. We look forward to what the future holds and promises to keep our community members informed every step of the way.