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Pundi X Chain opens for Public Validators

Take part in the PUNDI X Chain consensus Dear Pundians, We’re gradually opening up slots for Institutions, Distributors, and Community Members to become part of the Pundi X Chain Validators. The role of validators is to run a full node and participate in consensus by broadcasting votes which contain cryptographic signatures signed by their private keys. They also participate in governance […]

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Claim $PURSE from BDL mechanism is now available for BEP20 address holders

Claiming period: 15th February, 2022 until 15th March, 2022 As mentioned earlier, the PURSE token has implemented a 20% ‘BDL’ mechanism — Burn, Distribution and Liquidity. For every non-whitelisted transaction*,10% of the transacted $PURSE amount is burned, 5% goes to the distribution pool and 5% to the liquidity pool. All eligible PURSE token holders are entitled to claim $PURSE proportionally […]


#PundiX4Good meme campaign and #Review4Good winners announcement

Congratulations to over 100+ winners! Dear Pundians, Thank you for joining the 4th year celebration. Here we are at the finale of the events and your participation and support are much appreciated. Let’s not wait another moment to announce the final winners of the campaigns! #Review4Good winners Winners of 25,000 PURSE each (Forum accounts) SCENE | This_Dutch_guy | IvanFunctionX | Jan | AA_Sful | Ive | Redrabbit | CallOfDuty_Mobile_HD | SH_J | Sander | Maxlion | Mehmet_zahid_ozpelit | Denverhusker | Fishinstud | Lobsin | Zeph | Zynologics | Kidrock | Engeen | Hutch814 | JulianFloca | YoonkYink | Eichi | MCNaveed | Worgforee | Tone | AN312 | Esduez | bot_teddy | Dave_nl | Criptoargento | Rafael_Kaluri | Befree | Pradeep_kaswan | Marick7 | Nomo0808 | Andrydvt | Amir_mohamadia | MVideo | Oshi | Paul_Clark | Rahman | Mendes | George | Dumanda18 | BarackObama_Gaming | Charles_Fro | David_H_S | Mohammad_Maroufy | SmallFort | KuzoIV | 11110 | FrankiePhan | Themad | _pichxo | Muhammet_Karakelle | Alexcafa | Singed_K | Selvanpk | Engin_karakose | Haylo | Sina_L_Assadi | Aleksandr | Shijas_T | Crypto_Maniac | Narendra0to1 | Unity_clash | Sanjayparmar400 | Tjitske | Scott_Chalwell | Spochana | Riyaz22 | Anttheo | Realminer | Carbonara_121099 | Pokerbro13 | Aamu_Aamuz | Cryptovanga | Anisur | Rahima | Dnes-saak45 | Anis | Christoph_Emmrich | Crypto_Wizard | Belka6619 | Berlon1828 | AAK_SZN | Plehanovakristina416 | Antonvanin11 | sproutz Our staff will contact you […]

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Q4 2021 Token Removal Report

Dear Pundians, The token removal for Q4 2021 has been completed. We took out approximately 6,802 $PUNDIX and 1,093,702,580 $PURSE tokens from their respective total supplies. Starting from the launch of Pundi X Chain in October 2021, the token removal mechanism of $NPXSXEM followed $PURSE’s BDL model as $NPXSXEM migrated to $PURSE. After the Q4 token removal, the total supply […]

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Q4 2021 Progress Report

Note: below is the summary transcript of the quarterly report of the AMA conducted on 7th January 2022. There might be minor discrepancies and you can watch the original video of the AMA below. Dear Pundians, Happy New Year to all! Thank you for your time to participate in the Q4 2021 progress report. The host of the quarterly progress […]

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Pundi X INSIDER: 2021 in Review

A look back on a year of development, compliance, expansion and opportunity Dear Pundians, 2021 was a year that accelerated many of the disruptions introduced in 2020. Contactless transactions continued to soar, remote work began to be incorporated in blended working models where people were required to physically go to the office only part of the time, and cryptocurrencies continued […]

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$PURSE BEP20 token distribution is coming

for $PUNDIX holders to claim and $NPXSXEM holders to convert As previously announced, $PURSE, the Pundi X reward token, is now available on both BEP20 and Pundi X Chain. The purpose of the token is to incentivize XPOS usage, expand Pundi X Chain’s ecosystem and increase $PUNDIX value through rewards, gamification (lucky draw / lottery), discount vouchers and redemption for […]

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How to delegate PUNDIX to get PURSE on Pundi X Chain

Pundi X Chain is a dedicated payment-focused blockchain in the Function X network. It is specially designed to perform high throughput transactions with low latency and low transaction fees. While $PUNDIX is the primary token to govern the Pundi X Chain, $PURSE is the secondary token to be utilized as Pundi X’s loyalty and reward token. A $PUNDIX holder can […]

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“Hello World” Pundi X Chain is LIVE.

A new era begins as Pundi X Chain goes live. While the chain is launched, we are just past the halfway mark and we’re ahead of schedule in accomplishing these Pre-Launch and Launch milestones: Set up of Pundi X Chain initial validators Activation of its genesis block and successfully launched Pundi X Chain Set up of inter-blockchain communication between f(x)Core and […]

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Pundi X 4th anniversary and Pundi X Chain launch

Words from CEO PUNDIX4GOOD! Four years ago we started Pundi X with a vision of allowing anyone to buy and use crypto currencies as easily as buying a bottle of water. Born to inspire Fast forward four years later and this vision has been implemented through XPOS, XWallet and XPASS and rolled out to over 30 countries globally. People from […]

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“Name the Pundi X Chain Validators” event concluded— meet FantastiX 4

Plus the 10 lucky winners announced Dear Pundians, Thank you for participating in the FantastiX 4 — Name the Validators event. The community has nominated over 30 names of the community members and casted their votes in the past 2 weeks, and now the FantastiX 4 is here! Congratulations to Superbit123, Pundi X Sherif, ClaudioメBarros and MrSinaN for being voted by the […]

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Monthly report: a recap of activities in August 2021

Dear Pundians, Welcome to August Pundi X Insider. August was the month of heavy tech development. Making accessible and easy-to-use financial services based on blockchain technology has always been our motto. The blockchain technology and regulatory environment have constantly evolved. More and more people are becoming crypto users. It’s more important than ever to get educated about the technology itself […]

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How metaverse and cryptocurrency adoption fuses participation in decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)

Cryptocurrency once had humble beginnings as a niche interest, relegated to being discussed only in obscure forums and closed circles. Years later, the reality today couldn’t be any more different. Financial institutions like JP Morgan have started offering crypto funds to its clients, countries have started accepting crypto as payment, and more people than ever are trading in crypto. Time […]

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PUNDI X Chain — Evolving from dApp to Blockchain

Preface As mentioned in the previous RFC article, Pundi X rewards is being reviewed to facilitate, enhance and accelerate the growth of the Pundi X network and to function as the block reward token of the upcoming Pundi X Chain powered by Function X. We believe this will tremendously benefit $PUNDIX and $NPXSXEM token holders. Pundi X Chain Pundi X Chain […]