Plus the 10 lucky winners announced

Dear Pundians,

Thank you for participating in the FantastiX 4 — Name the Validators event. The community has nominated over 30 names of the community members and casted their votes in the past 2 weeks, and now the FantastiX 4 is here!

Congratulations to Superbit123, Pundi X Sherif, ClaudioメBarros and MrSinaN for being voted by the community to be on the names of the initial 25 validators of Pundi X Chain hosted by the company!

For those who have followed Pundi X twitter account and shared/retweeted the event with #PundiX4Good, 10 lucky winners have been picked to receive 200,000 Pundi X Reward tokens (code name $PR token). Here are the winners:


The reward will be distributed 7 days after the Pundi X Chain launch. Now you don’t need to do anything till the launch of the Pundi X Chain. The verified official Pundi X Official Twitter account will reach out to you for the steps to claim. We will be at your service. 

A hearty congratulation to the winners and our deep appreciation to all participating Pundians!

Stay tuned for more exciting 4th anniversary celebration events coming up soon.

Pundi X Team