Dear Pundians,

January was a great month for us. We finalized our roadmap in 2023 and launched tools to make Pundi X Chain more decentralized. It’s the month that we set up our goals and lay the foundation for 2023. Let’s talk about the most important updates, and first off: Product development.


DAO voting mechanism is launched on Pundi X Chain

The DAO voting mechanism is finally launched on Pundi X Chain, a payment-focused blockchain built upon the Function X network, to build a more decentralized environment. With this launch, step by step, the community will be able to jointly grow the Pundi X Chain ecosystem.

Pundi X Chain public validator slots are now open

The team has opened the Pundi X Chain validator slots for the public to host this month! To become a validator, a minimum self-delegation of 100 $PUNDIX is required. As of today, we have received 43 applicants. A proposal for increasing the current validator nodes from 20 to 50 is now available for community voting:

Since the public validator nodes will be open gradually in order to make sure the network is secure, the voting to decide which public validator applicants is also on:

Cast your votes to voice your opinion.

2023 roadmap released

2023 will be an exciting year for all the XPOS merchants. We will continue to improve our product by adding new features, making it more convenient in every way, and increasing the number of merchants that accept and sell crypto. Let’s check out what we achieved in 2022 and what to build in 2023.

New merchant from South Africa

First BTC lightning network transaction made in South Africa via XPOS! Pundi X South Africa starts assisting merchants to adopt crypto payment. If you are a merchant in South Africa and would like to adopt XPOS, follow and contact Pundi X South Africa operated by Ezee Pay


Q4 2022 progress report

On January 12th, we hosted the first AMA in 2023 to share the progress we made in Q4 2022 as well as the outlook of 2023. We got positive feedback on new features on XPOS from the merchants as well as the users. We hope the improvement can be a great momentum to show everyone about our progress and solution.

Amazon gift card redemption campaign and winner announcement

The item of the first $PURSE redeem campaign in 2023 is Amazon Gift card. Thank you for your participation! The winners were announced on January 26.

Interview with Shark Numbers

Ivan from Shark Numbers interviewed 

Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-Founder of Pundi X. It covers both Pundi X products and tokenomics of PUNDIX. If you want to learn more, watch it here.

Pundi X YouTube Channel revamped

We’ve revamped Pundi X official YouTube channel. The visitors are now able to quickly find all the live AMA videos, check out why merchants adopt XPOS, partnerships, and Web3 XPOS in action. If you haven’t subscribed yet, visit

This is only the beginning, and we hope that you will continue joining us on this pioneering journey 🙂