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Generating all remaining unswapped PXS to NPXS for the token swap’s conclusion

Dear Pundians, The ongoing token swap has been successfully executed since March 20, 2018. The process has been faster than expected as more than 85% of the tokens have been swapped in less than three months. In response to the community’s suggestions, we are now preparing to finalise the token swap by generating all remaining unswapped tokens. The remaining portion accounts for around 15% of the total supply of NPXS. Remaining PXS holders can continue to swap for NPXS from this supply. We hope that this will also help solve the issue of CoinMarketCap being unable to exactly calculate our market capitalization so long as the number of NPXS in circulation remains indeterminate due to the incomplete swap. For PXS […]


Monthly report: a recap of activities in May

May has taken us to Amsterdam, Bali, Beijing, Hochiminh City, Manila, New York, Seoul, Sao Paulo and in between as we saw the first edition of our new XPOS technology roll off the production lines in preparation for shipping in the next few weeks. Here’s a summary of everything we’ve been up to.


Pundi X enters top 100 by market capitalization

This week has seen us reach an important milestone in the journey of Pundi X less than three months after we completed our public token sale on January 21. Pundi X’s valuation by market capitalization has reached $200 million (USD), putting our token- NPXS inside the world’s top 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.


Pundi X 2017 Review and 2018 Outlook

2017 is an incredible year for Pundi X. We’ve been moving and growing at lightning speed. Flashing back in the late September, we started the project. In less than four months, the team has achieved significant milestones that I would proudly like to share with you.