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Meet XPOT, a sub-brand of Pundi X POS device launched in China

Powered by Pundi X, XPOT is a sister product of Pundi X POS. Together with IPChain (an intellectual property management platform based on blockchain technology), Piaolian (a blockchain company focuses on notes financing), (a Chinese e-commerce platform), Skyline Media (NEEQ: 836628), Jiangzhi will explore the potential of cryptocurrency payment market in China with XPOT.


[IMPORTANT ANN] PXS token split suspended

Since the preparation of PXS token split execution, we have asked our PXS token holders to keep their tokens in their wallets during the token spilt from Feb 1st to 5th. However, we found that there are PXS holders who continue to trade on OTCs including EtherDelta after 00.00 GMT+8 (Singapore time) on Feb 1.


Unlock in February and token split

This month, there are more than 8,000 PXS token holders joining Pundi X family after the we completed our public token sale on January 21, 2018. For many of you, this will be your first time to receive PXS unlock
. This post is to help you to get ready for receiving PXS from the Pundi X un lock. Make sure you follow the instruction closely.


How to file your refund

Thank you for your support and participation on our token sale on Jan 21. The team is now wrapping up our token sale and returning the contributions that are not eligible for our public token sale. There are three situations (see the bullet points in bold) that will be refunded.