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Pundi X 2017 Review and 2018 Outlook

2017 is an incredible year for Pundi X. We’ve been moving and growing at lightning speed. Flashing back in the late September, we started the project. In less than four months, the team has achieved significant milestones that I would proudly like to share with you.


The year in review — our global alliances

Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Swiss Fintech Association We have joined as members in four markets that are crucial to the success of Pundi X. The membership will give us access to the network and also discussion with the local regulatory. E2Pay Indonesia’s leading payment gateway channel will power the XPOS device transaction and settlement. ACCESS ACCESS is South East Asia’s leading cryptocurrency association and being a leading crypto company in ASEAN we engage ACCESS actively. NEM Leading blockchain NEM partners with Pundi X in supplying private chain technologies and also listing of XEM tokens on XPOS devices globally. Part of the public token sale raised will also generate PXSXEM tokens. Disclaimer: NEM president Lon Wong is PXS token investor. QTUM […]