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Five reason why X Pass card is safe

Five reason why X Pass card is very safe. 1) What if my balance get stolen (lost card) ? X Pass does not store any balance. What it stores is a passcode and authentication data. After authenticating user identity, X POS device will read the balance from the server, hence your balance is always safe from theft. 2) What is on […]

Token 0

Pundi X’s Token Sale Overview

Token pool, use of token, total cap and use of funds: Abstract Token total pool: 30% public-token-sale distribution; 70% for token-unlocking over 3 years. Public-token-sale distribution breakdown: 66.67% for public sales; 16.67% for founders; 13.33% for company and employees; 3.33% for advisors and token-sale marketing costs. Amount to raise: 280,000 ETH Use of funds: 18–30% R&D; 50–68% Installation; 7–10% Operations; 7–10% […]